Average Unionized Skilled Trades Wages In Western Canada


If you’re a (soon to be) skilled tradesperson looking for a well-paid job, there’s some news you won’t want to miss.

According to information released by Statistics Canada, unionized skilled trades workers in western Canada are consistently the best paid in the country.

Wages highest in Calgary, Edmonton

The picture is brightest in Calgary, where an Electrician earns an hourly wage of $44.34.

Plumbers come a close second, making $43.15, while Carpenters earn $38.63. Sheet Metal Workers and Bricklayers make just over $34.

Workers in nearby Edmonton face almost identical prospects across the board, with Plumbers earning slightly less at $42.29.

These high wages can be attributed to the demand for skilled labour in the oil and gas industry throughout Alberta.

Other cities throughout western Canada also have encouraging prospects, with tradespeople in Vancouver, Victoria, Regina and Saskatoon earning comparable wages.

Other regional trends across Canada

It’s a very different picture on the other side of the country. On the east coast, many skilled tradespersons can expect to earn significantly less than their counterparts in western Canada–by as much as $10/hour.

While a Sheet Metal Worker in Regina earns $36.45, the hourly wage for the same position in Saint John is $29.75.

Where a roofer in Halifax earns $25.18, a similar tradesperson would make $37.47 in Calgary.

While all skilled trades offer good wages, regional economies dictate which are in-demand (and best paid).

Although Electricians are generally the highest-paid skilled tradespeople among those Statistics Canada examined, Carpenters hold the top spot in Vancouver and Victoria, earning $37.59 per hour, well ahead of the Electrician’s hourly wage of $33.83.

Do these wages match up with what you’ve seen in the field? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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