Learning More About The Greenest Workforce’s Green Dream Internship Contest At PaperWeek


Want to know more about The Greenest Workforce and its Green Dream Internship contest? You’re in luck!

TalentEgg stopped by the Forest Industry Job Fair at PaperWeek Canada 2013 in Montreal to chat with representatives from three of the forest products employers that are offering the paid summer internships as well as Forest Product Association of Canada (FPAC) President and CEO David Lindsay.

“We need to recruit in our industry in the next seven years close to 60,000 employees,” says Lise Gingras, Manager Human Resources – Pulp and Paper at Tembec.

“Everything from the truck drivers and the loggers out in the bush through to the technical engineers that work the pulp mills,” David explains, “but we also need marketing people in the offices and international trade people, so if you have a language skill you could market and sell products in China or India.”

As you can see, the forest products industry is in need of highly skilled and educated talent, including students and recent grads, so they’ve launched The Greenest Workforce initiative to help Canadians learn more about careers in the industry.

“The Greenest Workforce is a really exciting program that FPAC has just launched with some support from the government of Canada,” says Carolyn Pinto, Environmental Communications Specialist at Resolute Forest Products. “It’s a program to basically educate people about the many benefits of a career in the forest products industry.”

The Green Dream Internship contest

8 paid internships, 8 iPad Minis and the chance to win $5,000

“We are looking for a Communications Intern, so someone to work with me in the communications department,” Carolyn says. The intern will help Resolute Forest Products develop their social media strategy as well as internal and external communications strategies.

Daishowa-Marubeni International (DMI) is hiring a forestry student to be a Woodlands Forestry Intern. “They’re going to come on helicopter rides. They’re going to go out onto our land base and see how beautiful our topography is, and how we manage our trees and our environment,” says Amber Armstrong, HR Superintendent at DMI.

Tembec, meanwhile, is looking for a Mechanical, Electrical or Chemical Engineer, and the other five internships include roles in human resources, quality control, technical support and forestry.

David says FPAC and its member companies offering the eight paid summer internships wanted to take a slightly different approach to the job application process, which is why they’re requiring students and grads to apply with a YouTube video and share it through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to get the most votes.

“And out of the best videos, each company will interview five successful candidates,” David says. “The winning candidates will all receive an iPad!”

What does a forest products employee need an iPad Mini for? Blogging, of course! The eight interns will each contribute a bi-weekly blog post to TheGreenestWorkforce.ca describing their summer experience.

What are they looking for?

Forest Products employers share the qualities their ideal candidates should possess

“We’re looking for futures leaders,” Amber says. “We grow people from a very young age to be leaders in our organization, and we’re looking for those people who have nothing but potential and they’re looking for somebody to recognize it.”

Carolyn says about Resolute’s Communications Internship, “It’s a really great opportunity for somebody who’s dynamic, motivated, bilingual and willing to learn.”

Apply to The Greenest Workforce’s Green Dream Internship contest today and start growing your career in the forest products industry!

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