The Best Crowd-Sourced Career Advice For Students And Grads


We all need a little advice sometimes, especially when it comes to the job hunt.

Even the most confident, kick-butt career hatchers can feel a little lost on the road to finding their dream gig.

Luckily, many of us also have someone in our lives to offer some sage advice and guide us in the right direction.

So we thought: Why not share the wealth?

For our #QuestionoftheDay, we asked you to tell us the best career advice you’ve been given from someone you look up to. And boy, do our followers have a lot of wise people in their lives !

From short and sweet (“Don’t sell yourself short.”) to thought-provoking (“Don’t look for that one thing. Look for everything that fascinates you and find your passion.”), read below for some egg-cellent career advice courtesy of the TalentEgg Twitter community.

#QuestionoftheDay: What’s the best career advice you’ve been given from someone you look up to?

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@TalentEgg networking and volunteering are two great ways to gain experience for your future career.Emily Moorhouse
@TalentEgg @JESSIMTV told me to never give up when the employer tells me "no." to always keep on trying 🙂 met her while she was in my cityAnnette Ejiofor
@TalentEgg ‘don’t waste your time and energy telling someone how capable you are… show them!!’michelle buček
@TalentEgg to follow my dreams and not to take a job just because of the moneyJulia Toadere
@TalentEgg "it’s not the end all be all"; "embrace this opportunity/experience – make the most of it"; "the best is yet to come"Farrah Chanda
@TalentEgg follow your bliss – joseph campbellLilian Gordon
@TalentEgg don’t just take any job because you need a job. don’t settle.mea
@TalentEgg nothing in this world worth having is easy, so work hard and stay true to what you believe inSamantha Simpson
@TalentEgg Go an extra mile for someone. And when you’re in need, they will go an extra mile to help you out.Teresa Kwon
@TalentEgg start the job search early. it’s all about summer work now so I start now!! That, and do something you love, then it’s not work.Mel Stevens
.@TalentEgg Network! Take pros in your industry out for coffee. Pick their brains. You never know where that connection may lead.Rachel McKee
@TalentEgg Never Settle & always ask more questions – always learnErin Prefontaine
@TalentEgg keep your chin up. Everything will work out!Farhan Lallany
@TalentEgg Don’t look for that one thing. Look for #everything that fascinates you, and find your #passion.Charmaine Yip
@TalentEgg "stay hungry, stay foolish"Marium M. Imtiaz
@TalentEgg Talent is never enough, it’s those who truly discipline their talents w/ a willingness to cont to change/grow who will stand outGreg Ryder
@TalentEgg Don’t sell yourself short!Jemma Lee
@TalentEgg just because you don’t get the job, doesn’t mean you did anything wrong…its all about the right fit for the positionSamantha Boucher
@TalentEgg The importance of accountability and ownership in the professional world. Own up and take charge. (cc: @fuzzz )Akshay Kochar