Marketing Yourself 101: What Makes You So Special?


What makes you different? Everyone is unique, individual, distinctive, inimitable or whatever word you want to use.

But what sets you apart from others in social settings, networking events or job interviews, and how do you portray your differences?

I know things that make me unique are a combination of quirky habits like bubble tea, Pokemon, running long distances and writing bad puns.

However, when I am applying for jobs or going to interviews, what makes my “organizational skills, knowledge of the industry and motivation to succeed” better than anyone else’s?

Excitement is the key

I have been in interviews where I was clearly not excited about the position I was applying for. As you may have guessed, those interviews did not go so well.

But I know that “spark” you get when you talk about something you love really does exist. Interviewers recognize it and look for it.

When you are truly excited (but keep it professional!) during an interview, you bring joy and energy to your interviewer which will leave them wanting more. A smile – or many smiles – truly goes a long way and when you are smiling at work everyone else will be glad to have you on board.

Excited and happy employees keep the work environment positive and productive. Why wouldn’t an employer want to hire someone who is ecstatic to work for them? Especially in the field of marketing and sales, personable and happy representatives are always in high demand.

So, work on your interpersonal skills and don’t be afraid to let people know how excited you are to be where you are.

Only apply to positions you really, really want

When applying to positions you truly desire, you will be excited, passionate and eager to hop aboard, making the interview something to look forward to instead of a daunting task.

It will also be easier in the sense that you have prior knowledge, experience and qualifications when applying for the position! Wow the interviewer with your know-how of their company and industry, and they will have a hard time saying no. Suddenly your “organizational skills” will seem much better than other applicants’.

Applying only to positions you really, really want will also help achieve your future goals. Most of us want to progress up the company or industry pyramid to new and exciting jobs or until we find something we truly love. The only way to do this is to go after what you really want.

Even if you are unqualified for a position, your drive and passion may gain you an interview, which you can use as valuable experience for the future.

In my first summer of university, I interviewed with many marketing companies for positions tailored to fourth-year or graduating students. Although I did not get any of the positions I applied for, I was able to experience what marketing behavioural interviews were like and was able to use this information to succeed at interviews for students my own age.

Rejection is hard to take when a job you really want is on the line, but if you find a way to take something positive from your experience, it will ultimately be beneficial in the future!

Take aways

If you are excited and passionate when applying for positions you really want, your true colours will shine through and the right people will notice.

Apply to jobs that are “out of your reach” and use the experience to your advantage. Do not be afraid to reach out to interesting companies, groups or people if you are excited by what they do. They will appreciate the interest and, in the end, you will thank yourself for it.

What’s your best technique for showing employers that you are special? Share your tips in the comments section below!

Photo credit: cobalt123