Career-Hatching Dos And Don’ts For Young Chiropractors


In Parts 1 and 2 of this series, chiropractors Dr. Joe Pratile, Dr. Stephanie Anisko and Dr. Joy Arciaga gave you their advice about dealing with chiropractic school applications, being a chiropractic student and entering the workforce.

What final tips do they have for you?

Here are their top dos and don’ts for new grads pursuing a career in chiropractic:



…get stuck just reading and memorizing.  This is a very dynamic profession that requires you to work on your technique and coordination and speed.  Keep your mind open and learn as many different perspectives and techniques that you can to see what works for you.  With a narrow focus you will most likely miss out on something great that can help you be a better practitioner.


…sacrifice your health for performance. When you take care of yourself and your health your performance always improves.

…jeopardize your morals and license for any patient or clinic.


…get down on yourself. You may not be busy right away. Realize that it takes time to build a practice.



…keep learning. You’re a doctor now, but don’t trick yourself into thinking you learned everything there is to know in four years. What was true in healthcare five years, five months and five minutes ago is no longer true. You owe it to yourself and your patients to know as much as you can. 

…promote yourself. Everyone you know should know what you do and what you’re all about. If you don’t tell people about you, who will?


…visit as many chiropractic clinics as possible before deciding on where to practice, and compare these decisions with mentors, colleagues, etc. Ask yourself, if I could have my dream practice and could not fail, what would it entail? Write down with exacting clarity the location, atmosphere, staff, patient base and practice style you wish to attract.

…make a commitment to getting better and always strive for 100% effort – it always pays off.

…work on your strengths 80% of the time and your weaknesses 20% of the time. Take a look at the enneagram and know yourself and your patient base, or even other colleagues and staff members.


…get involved in school.  Participate on student council, technique groups, and take additional courses and seminars.

…network with as many people as you can.  Some will become patients in the future!

…take time to be healthy, get rest, eat well and stay physically fit to do your job.  Chiropractic school will be done before you know it!

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