How To Get A Golden Ticket To Your Career: Tips From A Goldcorp Recruiter


Did you know that mining employers in Canada and around the world are hiring not only the people they need to meet their current production needs, but also young workers who will become companies’ future leaders and technical experts as older employees retire and leave the workforce?

There is currently an amazing opportunity for students and new graduates to take advantage of the knowledge transfer that is happening at mining companies through summer internships, co-op placements and new graduate programs.

They’re not just hiring engineers and geologists, either – students and new graduates from most programs can find employment opportunities in the mining industry right now.

Internships and new grad jobs with Goldcorp

According to Jenine Ellefson, Director of Recruitment and Talent Management at Goldcorp, the Vancouver-based gold producer offers meaningful, hands-on internships and new grad opportunities across a variety of disciplines, and has recently implemented a new graduate program in technical areas such as engineering, geology, metallurgy and environmental sciences.

“In the future, we plan to extend the graduate program to include graduates in the business support areas, such as safety, HR, finance and IT,” she says. “Our mine sites and offices also hire students for summer internships and co-op placements across all disciplines.”

World-class training and career development

Goldcorp definitely isn’t looking for coffee-fetchers or paper-pushers.

“You will be part of a growing community of skilled professionals committed to pioneering advances in modern, sustainable mining.” —Jenine Ellefson, Director of Recruitment and Talent Management, Goldcorp

“You’ll be teamed with leaders in the industry, equipped with cutting-edge technology, and supported with training and career development,” Jenine adds.

“We recognize it takes world-class people to run world-class mines and if you work with us, you will be part of a growing community of skilled professionals committed to pioneering advances in modern, sustainable mining. You’ll learn, and you’ll grow.”

Jenine says the company is eager to invest in the futures of students and new graduates through in-house training programs, on-the-job training, technical training and industry conferences.

Plus, Goldcorp offers international career opportunities that could take you anywhere from the Canadian Shield to the Patagonian plains of Argentina.

How – and when – to apply

Goldcorp posts their new grad opportunities (which start in June) each fall, and student opportunities (which start in May and end in August) in the fall and winter.

Here’s how the application and interview process works:

Step 1: Find an opportunity on Goldcorp’s employer profile on TalentEgg

Step 2: Submit an application through Goldcorp’s website

Step 3: Online assessments

Step 4: Initial phone interview

Step 5: On-site interview

Step 6: Get hired!

Getting noticed by Goldcorp recruiters

Of course, it’s not always as simple as that, right? Somewhere along the way, you have to stand out from the other students and grads who are applying to impress Goldcorp’s recruiters and hiring managers.

Jenine says Goldcorp is looking for students and new graduates “who have ability, ambition and a passion for their discipline, as well as a positive attitude and willingness to learn.”

Being well-rounded with a variety of skills and experiences doesn’t hurt either: “I would encourage all students to take advantage of co-op or internship opportunities, join sports teams and student groups and also get involved in community initiatives and volunteer opportunities,” she says.

If you’re successful, Jenine says you can expect to enter a work environment that is dynamic and challenging. “Our company culture is one of drive and excellence, and our people are constantly striving to do things better and smarter.”

Learn more about Goldcorp's career opportunities for students and gradautesVisit Goldcorp’s employer profile to learn more about the company’s current opportunities for students and graduates!

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