Calling All Grads! eBook Offers Insight For Young Job Seekers


As any savvy professional will tell you, being good at a job requires a lifelong commitment to learning.

Even years after your first entry level job, there will always be more skills and knowledge to acquire.

The same rationale applies to finding a job–you should always be asking yourself what you can do to improve your search.

Downloading a copy of Calling All Grads! Turn A Degree Into A Job might be the boost your job hunt needs.

The eBook’s editor, Marco Buscaglia, is a General Manager at Tribune Media Services and has spent more than a decade writing and editing content about the labour market. This hands-on experience led him to undertake the eBook.

“There’s so much information that isn’t as vetted as ours and isn’t researched the same way. We thought it was a good time to take the content we were writing for other newspapers and put it into an eBook,” Marco says.

Calling All Grads!Calling All Grads! is divided into five chapters, each of which addresses a different stage of the job hunting process.The book touches on all the basics, including networking, interviews, resumes and professional etiquette.

Start with the chapters that interest you the most, but be sure to read the entire book, as it has useful tips and information throughout.

It’s hard to imagine a job hunt handbook being a riveting read, but Calling All Grads! was prepared with an eye for a reader-friendly experience. While you might frown at the idea of buying a book to guide your job hunt (unemployment comes with homework now?), the finished product weighs in at under 100 pages and is short enough to be read in an afternoon.

“We wanted to keep it simple and breezy and to the point. No one wants to get locked into a 300-page book on finding a job,” says Marco.

This is one of the book’s strongest selling points–turning dry subject matter into an easy read.

Calling All Grads! focuses on using personal stories to illustrate useful strategies job-seekers can apply to their own search. These personal anecdotes provide the book with some colour while imparting useful knowledge.

“It’s helpful for a graduate to look at someone else’s story and say, ‘Well, I’m not in that same position, but I can learn from that person’s experience,’” Marco says.

The book shines brightest when tackling the online component of the modern job hunt. Young job seekers might mistakenly assume they’ve already mastered all things online, but it’s difficult to maximize your online presence without putting in some serious and diligent attention.

Calling All Grads! offers specific tips that many job-seekers are likely to have overlooked, like posting a publicly-viewable copy of your resume as a PDF on your Facebook profile. On the more general side of things, the book provides a basic introduction to social media and self-promotion tools, touching on LinkedIn, Google Analytics and search engine optimization (SEO).

While you’ll find more detailed guides for each of these tools in print and online, Calling All Grads! does a good job providing a general overview of what each tool can accomplish, guiding you towards specific resources you’d like to apply to your own search.

Ambitious title aside, Calling All Grads! Turn A Degree Into A Job can’t promise you a dream career – nor can any book. However, it’s almost certain that you will come away from reading it having learned something new. Since successful job hunting always demands your best shot, it’s best to expose yourself to as much new information as possible, and Calling All Grads! is a great place to start.

The book is available for purchase on Kobo, iTunes, Amazon and other platforms via the Calling All Grads! website.

Photo credit: TAKA@P.P.R.S