How Do You Prepare For Job Interviews?


The most stressful part of job hunting is undeniably the job interview.

There are just so many moving pieces: how you look, what you say, how you say it, your body language, how much you know (or don’t know), what kinds of questions you ask…it goes on and on.

While we’ve covered job interview tips before, we decided to take a slightly different approach and ask our Twitter followers for their best job interview preparation advice.

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How do you prepare for job interviews?

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#QuestionoftheDay: How do you prepare for job interviews? Any tips for job seekers out there?
@TalentEgg The number of young people who arrive w/out resume in hand bcs they emailed it prior is shocking.No resume in hand = no job offerMona Sharkawy
@TalentEgg Research the company and practice the "tough questions" beforehand with a friend. Also make sure I have a question or two ready.Jessica Avery
@TalentEgg Think of yourself like you are selling a product; why would the company want to buy yours? Sell that reason #QuestionoftheDayEvan Birtch
@TalentEgg have research about the company done and questions to ask the interviewer ready to go! #QuestionoftheDayKendra Martin
@talentegg Be prepared, be confident and most importantly, be yourself! #jobseekertipsMNP All Access
@TalentEgg Find a current employee on linkedIn and take them out for coffee. Learn why people love the company. #QuestionoftheDayChris Palmer
@TalentEgg find out about the culture through current employees, linkedin, etc. and focus on how you fit in it. Focus on mutual benefitSamantha Simpson
@TalentEgg All your interview prep will go to waste unless you practice! Dress up, have a friend ask questions, and get feedback.Alison Pearce
@TalentEgg I prepare a long list of potential questions & practice my answers.Lauren Marinigh
@TalentEgg Research is key, know yourself & know the firm you’re applying to. Don’t sound reheresed. @PwC_ca_campus #PwCBFJames Davidson
@TalentEgg: research org/company; review posting & match ur skills/experiences-this shows how & why ur a good fit; be ur best self-smile!Farrah Chanda
@TalentEgg Rehearse by being interviewee & then interviewer, it gives u a great perspective. & make sure to ACTUALLY b excited about the jobSaba Sabati

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