What Helps You Get Through The Winter Exam Period?


It’s that time of the year: holiday exam season. Studying can make a four-day exam period feel like an eternity, so it helps to come up with a strategy to make that daunting workload more bearable.

Keeping yourself organized can help you cope with the demands of exam season, as can sticking to a study schedule to help you make the most of your time. Taking breaks also helps reset your brain when it has been seriously overloaded.

To gather more tips, we took to Twitter with our #QuestionoftheDay: What helps you get through the holiday exam period (without sprouting any grey hairs)? Not surprisingly, many answers involved snacks and a lot of coffee. Looks like exam period gives new meaning to the idea of food for thought.

Here’s what else you had to say:

What helps you get through the holiday exam period (without sprouting any grey hairs)?

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@talentegg I used to create really detailed schedules to help me overcome the overwhelming feeling of too much to do #QuestionofthedayLaurenFriese
@LaurenFriese @TalentEgg So do I – It helps me to evaluate whether I can get the work I set aside done in one day.Wesley Kamenetzky
@TalentEgg #QuestionoftheDay nothing says all will be well like A nice cup of tea and a big hug from a friend (:Styna Tao
@TalentEgg Caffeine and festive holiday musicJen ∞
@TalentEgg A good home cooked meal (which is few and far between unfortunately) and a good episode of my guilty pleasure Dragon’s DenRochelle
@TalentEgg Music! Listening to 1-2 songs during a break is a perfect way to relax or move around since you will be sitting for a long timeJ M
@TalentEgg 12 hours of sleep before an examAndrew Kanapatski
@TalentEgg counter-intuitive, but preparing healthy snacks ahead of time and making sure you sleep A LOT. It’s all about time mgmtMel K
I took power naps during exam period πŸ™‚ #QuestionoftheDay @talenteggJudy Shin
@TalentEgg The gym. Dragging myself there is usually a challenge, but I never regret it after!Alice Qi
@TalentEgg Starbucks Latte! I spend my last pennies on Latte’s during exam week. It’s my sanity. @StarbucksCanada #exams #StarbucksRoberta
@TalentEgg #QuestionoftheDay Delicious coffee from @StarbucksCanadaKevin A. S.
@TalentEgg Food. I’m willing to bet the majority of student weight gain comes from "studying"Addie