Do Co-op Placements Make A Difference In Your Career?


This is the time of year when many large employers start gearing up to hire co-op students, with tons of co-op jobs being posted in January (along with summer internships of course).

Competition for co-op placements can be stiff, but the rewards can also be great.

Money, for one – co-op students are often paid pretty well. Plus there’s work experience, exposure to new roles and industries, networking opportunities with employers and professionals in your field.

And, according to one campus recruiter who responded to our question of the day on Twitter, it can help distinguish you from other candidates as well.

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Do Co-op Placements Make A Difference In Your Career?

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@TalentEgg Yes! Definitely. They give you that edge over others. You get an idea of what working in the industry is like.Curious She
@TalentEgg As an employer, this helps to distinguish candidates from each other for sure #QuestionOfTheDayEvan Birtch
@TalentEgg Absolutely. Co-op experience helps refine what is most important to you in your career.Dave Howard
@TalentEgg Definitely! It not only gives you experience, but also a ‘feel’ on what the job is likeMathoraa Selvanathan
@TalentEgg absolutely! If my previous program had anything like that I think my life would be much different todayAddie
@TalentEgg My worry as parent is companies cutting back; more students to place & fewer placements these days. So…is it worth it?Sonja McL. Dowbiggin
@TalentEgg absolutely! Coop gets ur foot in the door and without that exp, you’ll be many steps behind those who have. #QuestionOfTheDayViola Ng
@TalentEgg It’s a great way to add some experience to your resume, network within the industry, and and gain some real world skillsSamantha Simpson
@TalentEgg Absolutely! U graduate w/ min 9 months experience. Relative to those with 0, it’s a huge advantage! + networking opp = pricelessSaba Sabati

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