Average Starting Salaries For New Grad Jobs In Sales And Marketing, 2012 Edition


As a student or new grad, there’s already enough things you need to know.

Between Isaac Newton’s birth date and memorizing the difference between the id, ego and superego, your brain is already working overtime. You can’t be expected to also know everything about the field you’re looking to break into.

Ahh yes. This is where we come in.

First and foremost, check out our Sales and Marketing Career Guide for some tips on how to succeed in the industry and a closer look at some different entry-level positions. Then check out our job listings here to see who’s hiring!

Finally, in preparation for that ever-popular “What are your salary expectations?” interview question, look no further. This article breaks down what you can expect to be making across Canada in some of this sector’s most common entry level positions.

Keep in mind that sales roles may have commission or bonuses in addition to a base salary.

Sales Account Manager salaries

Toronto: $33,199
Vancouver: $36,561
Montreal: $34,921

Customer Service Representative salaries

Toronto: $31,020
Vancouver: $28,676
Montreal: $30,212

Field Sales Representative salaries

Toronto: $45,864
Vancouver: $44,665
Montreal: $43,043

Inside Sales Representative salaries

Toronto: $36,453
Calgary: $36,864
Vancouver: $37,635
Montreal: $35,716

Marketing Co-ordinator salaries

Toronto: $44,575
Calgary: $46,186
Vancouver: $47,152
Montreal: $44,747

More sales and marketing starting salaries:

  • Copywriter: $45,000
  • Account Co-ordinator: $42,500
  • Market Researcher: $40,000
  • Brand/Product Manager: $45,000
  • SEO/SEM Specialist: $60,000
  • Social Media Specialist: $48,000

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Sources: Salary.com, PayScale, The Creative Group 2013 Salary Guide

Photo credit: William Grootonk

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