A Career In Beer: Life As A Molson Coors Sales Merchandiser


As if working in the beer industry wasn’t already exciting enough, Mila Cormack says the most memorable experience in her career with Molson Coors so far was spending time at the Molson Canadian Hockey House at the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver.

“Molson Coors was the beer sponsor for the Vancouver Olympics in 2010. As employees, we had the opportunity to attend some events and meet many Olympic athletes. It was there, among many Canadian beer drinkers and hockey fans, that I watched Canada win both men’s and women’s gold medals!”

Knowing the role and why you want it

Mila first heard about a summer opportunity with Molson Coors through a friend who worked there. She got more information from her school’s career centre and applied online.The competition was stiff, but she nailed the job by researching the company, talking up her relevant skills from being involved in sports and coaching, and letting her natural enthusiasm for the role shine through.

She says she discovered that Molson Coors is a company that values “passion and pride in your work, importance in both independent and team work, and a fun and competitive working environment.” These traits are what made her want to begin her career with the company.

Mila started with Molson Coors as a Summer Representative upon graduating from the University of Victoria with a degree in economics and French in April 2009.

Looking forward and always learning

Sales Merchandiser Mila Cormack

Since then, Mila has taken advantage of the training programs available at Molson Coors to move up the ranks and across the country, from Summer Representative to Olympics Co-ordinator to Planning and Execution Assistant and now to Sales Merchandiser, learning everything from perfecting her sales pitch to how to pour the perfect glass of beer.

The learning continues in her current role, where she is constantly challenged in developing sales strategies for the GTA East sales team in Toronto. Her day-to-day duties include:

  • Research and analysis to develop regional business plans
  • Relationship building and management
  • Developing creative ways to increase volume and share in  territories
  • Working with a team to achieve individual and group targets

Working hard and playing hard

That teamwork, and the people involved, are some of the best parts of working at Molson Coors, says Mila.

“A healthy work environment is beyond crucial and this is created by the employees. Funny, friendly, passionate and hardworking are characteristics that you’ll find in any Molson Coors employee.”

This adds to a fun and exciting work environment that revolves around (healthy!) competition. “The work environment at Molson Coors is first and foremost competitive. We are here as a business and here to win. Within that competition is pubs, sports, concerts and lots of fun. This creates a fun and lively environment to work in, all while remembering our bottom line.”

Setting goals and finding your passion

Mila says she is looking forward to a long career with Molson Coors and aspires to manage her own sales team in the near future. Luckily, her managers support her along the way, discussing her career goals during quarterly meetings to evaluate her progress, and devising next steps for getting her where she wants to be within the company.

Her goals, passions and personal strengths are in line with the career path offered to her at Molson Coors, something she encourages students and fresh grads to seek out. “You will no doubt succeed at something that you are passionate about, but sometimes discovering that passion can be difficult. I was extremely fortunate to have started a career with Molson Coors where I learned about the many different moving parts in a large company,” she says.

“From there, I was able to learn and identify where my strengths lie, and use the support from my company to grow as an employee – all while contributing to a corporation. Take pride in what you do and you will always find success if you are passionate about your work.”

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