Behind The Scenes With A Rexall Executive And 2 Recent Grad Employees


As a customer, you may be familiar with Rexall’s Pharmacists and in-store staff, but behind those more than 400 Rexall stores across Canada is a team of professionals at the company’s home office in Mississauga, Ont.

The company offers careers in business areas such as Information Technology, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Real Estate, Merchandising, Advertising and Operations, many of which are available to new grads. “Over the next several years, we’ll keep opening locations. What does that mean? That means tons of opportunities,” says Paul Dale, Rexall’s Executive Vice President of Operations.

Paul took TalentEgg on a visit to the home office to meet two of those professionals who have recently started their careers with Rexall.

Getting started: Hatching new grad careers at Rexall

Business Analyst Shawn Rodricks, whose career journey with Rexall has previously been featured on TalentEgg, says he joined Rexall because he was looking for an organization that was growing because that’s what he likes to do.

Meanwhile, Shannon Elizabeth Bennett, a Sheridan College Human Resources Management grad who started as a Learning and Organizational Development Co-ordinator, was promoted to a Specialist position, and now focuses solely on organizational development. “It’s busy, but it’s a lot of fun and a lot of learning,” she says.

“Well, busy’s good because you learn a lot and touch on different things, so that makes it a little bit more rewarding,” Paul says. Shannon agrees!

Endless opportunity: Next steps at Rexall

Shawn and Shannon are just starting their careers with Rexall and, considering all the growth the company is experiencing, they can expect much more opportunities as they grow their careers as well.

Shannon says her plan is to stay in her current position for a while longer, but she’s also interested in moving into a more traditional human resources role. “Making myself a more well-rounded HR professional is not only beneficial for me but a positive thing for Rexall.”

Meanwhile, Shawn says he loves working at Rexall for two very specific reasons:

  1. His work is challenging and he is challenged each and every day.
  2. He gets to work with Rexall’s leaders, such as Paul.

“You can walk anywhere in our company and the CEO can stop and talk to you, know who you are and what you do. That’s pretty powerful. How many companies can you do that in?” Paul asks. “I think that is a great benefit to working here at Rexall. Plus we’re just a lot of fun!”

Rexall is growing quickly with a focus on building for the future. Learn more about the exciting career opportunities with Rexall.

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