A Day In The Life: Public Outreach Fundraisers


Public Outreach Fundraisers start their days much like the rest of the working world: they wake up, shower, eat breakfast, brush their teeth and head to the office.

Each morning, the team has a meeting to get everyone ready to tackle the day. “We have a morning briefing for about an hour. We get coffee and get to see all of our friends,” says Fundraiser Sarah. “We set goals for the day and talk about canvassing techniques.”

Long-time Fundraiser Kimberly adds, “It’s a great way for the whole team to be on the same level and start the day off in the same mindset.”

Sounds pretty normal, right? Well, this is where the similarities between working as a Fundraiser and most other jobs end. At these morning meetings, Public Outreach Fundraisers also play games, dance and sing to get ready for the work day! (Tip: Watch the end of this video to see what that looks like.)

“Nobody ever said changing the world was going to be glamourous, but at least Public Outreach makes changing the world fun!” says Tommy, a Phone Fundraiser with Public Outreach.

What it’s like to be a Fundraiser

“I’m a street Fundraiser, so I go out and I talk to the amazing people of Toronto and try to get people to sign up for our wonderful charities,” says Sarah. Tommy adds that he thinks Public Outreach’s Fundraisers are so successful because they have that one element that people don’t get anymore: a human connection.

“I stop them, I talk to them, I tell them about the charity, and the end goal is to get them involved in a monthly donation with that charity,” Kimberly says. “We’re here to fundraise for charity and get as many PACs [pre-authorized contributions] as possible. You’re not just having chats with people, you’re there to actually get people signed up – that’s your job.”

It can be grueling work, says Tommy, but at the end of the day, it’s the work that changes the world.

“It’s a really great feeling,” adds Sarah. “I love signing people up because it’s so awesome!”

Changing the world one donor at a time

Tommy worked with many charities before coming to Public Outreach and says getting monthly donors is the lifeblood of those charities. “That passion to change the world – that’s what happens here at Public Outreach.”

If you’ve made one person’s life better with the work you’ve done as a Fundraiser, says Kimberly, then you’ve accomplished something pretty amazing as far as she’s concerned.

Sarah says her job is rewarding because they’re able to join hands and all work together to raise money for deserving charities, which include non-profit organizations campaigning and raising money for gender rights, human rights, food aid, the environment, animals and more.

“It’s so great to be able to have that information and have a really informed, honest discussion with someone,” Tommy says.

Help Public Outreach change the world: Apply now to become a Fundraiser by visiting Public Outreach’s employer profile.

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