Marketing Scholarships For Students In Canada


Pursuing post-secondary education will inevitably bump up your brainpower and bump down your bank account.

The idea of student debt is a scary one – especially if you are going into a field that doesn’t necessarily result in stable employment right off the bat.

Applying for scholarships is a great way to cut down on money stresses and ensure that you are focusing on your education rather than your dwindling bank account.

For Canadian marketing students, there are many scholarships available. Sometimes the problem is simply knowing how to find them, which is where this article comes into play.

Look no further – your guide to Canadian marketing student scholarships has arrived!

Your school’s website

Every college and university offers scholarships directly through their website. Some you are automatically considered for based on academic standing, but others may require an application. Make sure you check your school’s website and stay on top of these deadlines throughout the summer!

Here’s where to look:

  • Your program’s website
  • Your faculty or department’s website
  • Your career centre’s website
  • Your school’s Financial Aid, Scholarships or Bursaries page

Developing Potential: The KPMG Scholarship

KPMG recently awarded scholarships to four university students interested in careers in accounting and professional services marketing. This national scholarship, valued at $5,000, is available to full-time university students entering their second, third or fourth years. KPMG posts this scholarship on its careers site – and on TalentEgg – so stayed tuned until next year when applications are open again.

Canadian Marketing Association (CMA)

The CMA offers student awards in two categories:

  • The Creative Case: student develop and actually create a mail package and associated web landing page
  • The Marketing Case: students craft and write a business case

These awards are open to post-secondary students enrolled in marketing, advertising or business programs which have direct marketing courses in the curriculum. Taking part in these competitions allows students the chance to work on real world assignments, compete with other students in the program, win cash towards their tuition and potentially lead to career opportunities.

Walmart Canada’s Lou Puim Memorial Scholarship

Besides rollin’ back prices, Walmart also offers scholarships to students entering their first year of college or university in a marketing program. The Lou Puim Memorial Scholarship was established in 2006 to recognize him as the leader of Walmart’s Marketing Team for over 10 years.

Any Canadian student pursing a marketing-related discipline is welcome to apply. The last deadline was May 2012, so keep your eyes peeled for the updated application throughout the year.’s Marketing Scholarships in Canada

The Marketing Scholarships in Canada section of this website lists all available scholarships for Canadian students in the marketing sector.  Organized by province, school and other criteria, it’s easy to locate exactly which marketing scholarships you are eligible for and how to apply for them.

Scholarships Canada

This website lists hundreds of marketing scholarships available in Canada, organized not only by program, but also by school.  There are some scholarships, however, available to marketing students at any school. Simply select “Field of study” and search for “marketing.”

For example, check out Ruth Hancock Scholarship – an award of $1500 given to four students in a list of fields revolving around marketing and broadcasting (and you’re in luck – the next deadline is June 30, 2013!).

When looking for marketing student scholarships in Canada it’s important to keep in mind that deadlines vary. Some will already be overdue while others may give you until the end of the school year. Pay attention to these important deadlines when applying to ensure your bank account stays in the black.

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