TalentEgg On Twitter: Resume Tips For Students And Grads


There are a lot of resume tips floating around the Internet. Pair that with the advice you receive from friends, family and career centres, and it can be tough to know exactly what to do!

Since the resume is such an important document in landing your dream internship or entry level job, we wanted to know what TalentEgg-ers believe to be the best advice.

So, we asked our Twitter followers:

Have you updated your resume lately? Share some tips with your fellow TalentEgg-ers!

Here’s what they had to say:

Resume Tips For Students And New Grads

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@TalentEgg Whether its experience, interests or skills, make sure everything on there is directly relevant to the job you’re applying to.Armen Titizian
@TalentEgg Resume tip: include a short paragraph about each of the orgs that you’ve worked/volunteered for. And include logos too!Jessa Chupik
@TalentEgg- Reevaluate older parts. It’s easy to skim over sections that stay on for ages like school, so update the language occasionallyCarlie McC
@TalentEgg Make it stand out! No one likes seeing boring resumes! Especially in the media/communications industry!ria
@TalentEgg- Resume Tip: Prioritize content so that most relevant experience is listed 1st, with key pts listed at the top of each positionLoyaltyOne Jobs
@TalentEgg keep it looking crisp and professional. A disorganized, unappealing resume really puts off an employer. Also keep it under 2 pgs!Armen Titizian
“@TalentEgg: Question of the day: Have you updated your resume recently? TIP: make sure it is similar to your online profiles! #linkedin etcLisa Kramer
@TalentEgg Resume tip: use KEY words re: skills/qualities found on the job descriptions with examples of how you fulfill those qualitiesVikky Leung
@TalentEgg Don’t forget to outline projects you’ve completed & how they are relevant to the position you’re applying for.IT Jobs In Toronto
@TalentEgg Personal Web site can also help outline your projects – explain how the project is relevant to a business situation.IT Jobs In Toronto

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