Behind The Scenes With A Recent Grad Pharmacist At Rexall


Paul Dale, Executive Vice President of Corporate Store Operations at Rexall, took TalentEgg behind the scenes at one of the company’s newest stores in downtown Toronto to speak with Lily Goldsmith, a new grad pharmacist who has hatched her career with Rexall.

Lily first started with Rexall as a second-year pharmacy student at the University of Toronto. She spent a summer working at another Toronto store and says, thanks to the hands-on experience she gained as a summer student, everything made a lot more sense to her when she returned to school in the fall.

Rexall’s Pharmacy Intern program

After her third year at U of T, Lily returned to Rexall and entered the company’s Pharmacy Intern program. She says it was a really exciting time because, at that point, she was allowed to do everything a Pharmacist could do but with the help of mentor pharmacists who supported her along the way. Ultimately, the Pharmacy Intern program helped Lily become a pharmacist and she now works as a Pharmacy Manager.

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The best thing about being a Rexall pharmacist

Lily says her interactions with customers and patients are the best parts of working at Rexall. Through a number of initiatives, such as the MedsCheck program in Ontario, pharmacists like Lily have the opportunity to spend more time with customers and provide them with valuable services that help maintain and improve their health. She says she believes that Rexall is really behind their pharmacists in providing those services to their customers.

Growing a pharmacy career with Rexall

Lily is looking forward to growing her pharmacy career at her current store, and implementing a number of new programs to help her customers stay healthy. She also loves attending regular meetings with other Rexall pharmacists for professional development opportunities and to continue improving each of their stores.

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