Student Group Of The Week: BCIT Human Resources Association


Here at TalentEgg, we know how difficult it can be to write a resume and prepare for an interview.

We devote many posts to address those very issues here on the Career Incubator because students and new grads struggle with them. There are also on-campus resources students can take advantage of to help you build those skills, such as your career centres and student groups.

That’s right – even joining a student group can help you build your resume and be better prepared for job interviews. That’s one of the many reasons why we’re featuring some of Canada’s top student groups – we believe they can really help you hatch your career.

This week, we’re featuring BCIT’s Human Resources Association!

The BCIT Human Resources Association (HRA) supplements the education students receive at school with how-to sessions on resume writing, interviewing and networking. Especially helpful are the networking events that teach students how to begin building a personal network while still in school. It really prepares them for the post-graduation job hunt. This year, they’ve partnered with Dress for Success Vancouver to put on free career development workshops for its clients.

Although the HRA sounds like all business they like to mix it up and organize social events for fun. Word on the street is they have the best bake sales! The group believes in a healthy school-work-life balance.

So what is it like to be part of this egg-citing student association? The President, Steve Crozier, and VP Marketing, Marina English, of HRA share their insights about what it’s like on the inside, how they got involved, their memorable moments and what they learned to help hatch their own careers.

Steve Crozier, President of BCIT HRA
Steve Crozier, President of BCIT HRA

How did you get involved with the HRA?

Steve: For me, signing up with the HRA in my first year was a no-brainer. The idea of an organization providing extra support to HR students in their career hunts was appealing to me, something that I felt was lacking from my previous university experiences (BA in Political Science, SFU).

How have the skills you’ve gained helped you (or how will they help you) in your future career?

Steve: Apart from time management, which is an invaluable skill BCIT pounds into all its graduates, the ability to network and meet new people will help me along that path. Many jobs aren’t posted on any boards and are done through unofficial channels. This is where having a network becomes important.

Why is it important for students to get involved in groups such as yours on campus ?

Steve: There are quick reasons, like resume-building, but the real benefit comes from the community these groups create. Through these communities students can learn the skills they need to succeed and build their own personal network. In short, being a part of a student group helps make the education you receive applicable.


Marina English, VP Marketing for BCIT HRA
Marina English, VP Marketing for BCIT HRA

How did you get involved in the HRA?

Marina: Since I’m studying human resources, it was a natural fit to join the HRA. I also felt it would be a great way to meet like-minded people and to hopefully gain some knowledge that I couldn’t get in the classroom. At the end of the year, I decided to run for an executive role to have a chance to become more involved and take on a leadership position, something I hadn’t done before but felt would be a good challenge.

What experience and skills have you gained?

Marina: The most valuable experience has been meeting professionals in the field. Since HR is so varied with so many possible career opportunities, it’s been extremely valuable to have the opportunity to talk with so many people in different areas of HR. This wouldn’t have been possible without being part of the HRA, which co-ordinated many events that brought in professionals with a variety of backgrounds. This also allowed me and other members to really see what is out there, and how we can begin to pursue those careers.

You can contact our Student Group Of The Week on their website,, on Facebook at BCITHRA or on Twitter @HRA_BCIT. You can also reach out to Steve (@croziersteve) and Marina (@_marina_nicole) on Twitter.

Congratulations BCIT Human Resources Association!

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