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Student Group Of The Week: UTSC’s Management and Economics Students’ Association (MESA)


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This week, we’re featuring the University of Toronto Scarborough’s Management and Economics Students’ Association!

University of Toronto Scarborough’s Management and Economics Students’ Association (MESA) is the Departmental Student Association for the Department of Management. MESA’s mandate is to represent the academic and program-related concerns of students in management, as well as to provide programming, activities, and other relevant events and of interest to students. They represent over 3,500 co-op and non-co-op management, pre-management and economics students.

As a mature and dynamic professional organization active year-round, MESA takes pride in being able to foster learning and long-term growth through the creation of opportunities. Through their competitions, information seminars, programs, skill building sessions, networking events, and social activities, MESA is able to bridge the gap between students, the Department of Management and the business community.

Does this sound like a group you want to learn more about? For an insider look at MESA, Matien Kazemi shares his insights. He is completing his third year in the BBA program at the University of Toronto Scarborough and is a Development Manager with MESA.

Matien Kazemi Development Manager
Matien Kazemi, Development Manager for University of Toronto Scarborough MESA

How did you get involved with MESA?

Matien: After actively attending MESA events throughout my first two years and watching their talented and infinitely hard-working executives working tirelessly to enrich campus life at UTSC, I knew it was something that I wanted to be a part of. The Development Manager position spoke to me because it would enable me to do what I love: talk to people! I applied to be a MESA executive and I was lucky enough to be selected to fill the role – it has been an amazing experience thus far.

What experience or skills have you gained through the association?

Matien: The Development Manager position focuses heavily on sponsor relations during the summer, so naturally I have developed acuity on how to connect and manage relationships with our diverse group of corporate sponsors. I have learned how to communicate more naturally while also developing an understanding of how to build and maintain a professional network; skills that I hope to take with me wherever I go in my professional career.

How do you balance school work, being involved on-campus and other responsibilities?

Matien: Time management is absolutely essential. There have been many instances where the time demands of MESA have conflicted with my academic commitments, but a few quick adjustments in the way I manage my time eliminated these conflicts. Setting priorities and keeping an agenda help, but I’ve been more successful by simply making a conscious effort to use my day productively. I also make sure to leave room to have fun as well – ‘work hard, play hard’ is the motto!

What advice do you have for your fellow students?

Matien: Take the first steps in getting yourself involved on campus. It’s hard work, but the benefits you reap through involvement with student groups (through your expanded professional network and the amazing friendships that you’ll certainly build) make it worthwhile. Work hard, take chances, and recognize that your university career will fly by quicker than you’ll be able to grasp at times, so make sure to make the most of it.

You can contact our Student Group Of The Week on their website, on Facebook at MESAatUTSC or on Twitter @MESAatUTSC.

Congratulations University of Toronto Scarborough’s Management and Economics Students’ Association!

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