Checklist: 10 Qualities That Mean You Could Be A Consultant


Unlike many of the industries and professions we feature here on TalentEgg, consulting is pretty broad and accepts students from a variety of disciplines and university programs, including business, arts and humanities, science, technology and engineering.

When it comes to a career in consulting, it’s less about what you know and more about how you approach problems and find solutions, as well as your ability communicate both of those things effectively.

If you’re just learning about consulting or you’re not sure if consulting is the career path for you, go through this checklist one by one. If you’re able to check off each of these 10 qualities, chances are you’re probably well suited to at least take a shot at starting a career in management or technology consulting.

You could be an egg-cellent consultant if…


□ You love solving problems

Whether it’s a mathematical equation, your best friend’s relationship conflicts or a business case challenge, you thrive on identifying problems and finding ways to solve them.

□ Helping others makes you feel good

Donating money to charity just doesn’t cut it for you. You like to have a hand in helping other people and organizations directly so they can be stronger, happier and more successful in the future.

□ You’re a data geek

You need lots of information on hand to make the best decisions. Numbers, testimonials, reviews, ratings – lay it all on you. The more data the better. Before your last major purchase, you probably filled an Excel spreadsheet with thousands of cells of data, comparing brands, models, prices, retailers and more. It was a lot of work, but you were totally satisfied with your purchase.

□ You prefer to make decisions based on logic

You’re practically Vulcan-like in your desire to make logical decisions based on reason instead of emotion. If all the data points in one direction, you don’t go the other way just because your gut tells you to.

□ You’re a team player with leadership potential

You can know and accept your place on a team, and follow instructions from a capable leader. However, you can also step into that leadership position when called upon in order to develop a winning strategy and delegate roles and responsibilities to your teammates.

□ You can explain complex concepts in simple terms

At one point or another, you’ve probably told your grandparents how the Internet works, outlined the causes of the global financial crisis to your financially illiterate friend, and explained to your five-year-old cousin – for the tenth time – why the sky is blue. And they totally got it.

□ You actually enjoy giving presentations

Most people hate presentations and studies show that many would rather DIE than give public speaking presentations. Yikes! You can’t imagine why – you meticulously prepare for presentations, and relish in walking that fine line between using your deck to support your presentation and using it as a crutch. It’s an art form, really.

□ You’re flexible

They say change is inevitable and you say, “Bring it on!” You’ll sleep anywhere, meet anyone, eat anything and you’re totally willing to change your whole approach to life at a moment’s notice if that’s what the situation calls for.

□ You’re not afraid to ask for help

Sometimes you can’t do everything yourself. You know there’s nothing wrong with asking a friend, family member or colleague for a helping hand when you really need it.

□ Life-long learning is a major priority in your life

You know that your education doesn’t stop when you earn your degree and you’re not happy unless you’re learning something new about the world – or yourself. You probably have career goals that include working toward a professional designation, or getting a graduate degree or MBA.

How many of the 10 did you check off? Let us know in the comments below!

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