Student Group Of The Week: University of Guelph Humber DECA U Chapter


A strong resume is built on solid experience. What if you don’t have relevant work-related experience? Joining and actively participating in a student group, club or society can pave the path to success.

For that reason, each week TalentEgg is featuring a Student Group Of The Week to show you what your peers are up to and perhaps inspire you to join!

This week, we’re featuring the University of Guelph Humber’s DECA U Chapter!

The DECA program has successfully found homes in high schools, colleges and universities across Canada, the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam and Germany.

The University of Guelph Humber’s DECA U Chapter provides students from all academic backgrounds with opportunities to gain real life skills and experience through competition using business simulations and case studies. It helps to enhance not only interpersonal skills, but also public speaking, critical thinking and teamwork skills, and the ability to think on your feet and outside of the box.

The DECA U Chapter at Guelph Humber competes against other schools in the region, in the province and even in other countries. There are several categories in which they compete, such as fashion, sports management, human resources, accounting and e-commerce.

The chapter at Guelph Humber has a vision to see their group grow and become an inspiration on campus as well as in the DECA U community.

What’s it like to be part of this egg-citing student group? Guelph Humber DECA U’s VP of Operations, Bhavna Sharma, a fourth-year Business Administration student with an interest in accounting, shares her perspective on the group and what she’s gained from involvement:

University of Guelph Humber DECA U VP of Operations
Bhavna Sharma, VP of Operations, University of Guelph Humber DECA U

How does DECA U at Guelph Humber help students hatch their careers?

Bhavna: DECA U is a fantastic way for students to network. The conferences have networking events that allow students to network with industry professionals. They also get a chance to ask them questions and gain insight into possible future careers. Case studies allow students to enhance their skills and knowledge about the business world. This allows them to prepare for their future jobs and careers.

What has been your most memorable experience with DECA U at Guelph Humber so far?

Bhavna: My most memorable experience with the Guelph Humber DECA U chapter so far was when members of our chapter won medals in their respective categories at the Provincials conference. I realized then that the training workshops we had worked on throughout the year were successful.

What valuable experience/skills have you gained?

Bhavna: There are many valuable skills I have gained throughout my experience as a part of the Guelph Humber DECA U Chapter. I have gained extensive organizational skills; I believe nothing can be completed well if it is not organized well. I have also gained valuable time management skills that require me to balance my school work, on-campus involvement and volunteer activities. Also, as a member of the Guelph Humber DECA U Chapter, I have had a chance to participate in the case competitions which has allowed me to enhance my problem solving skills and it has broadened my knowledge of the business industry.

What advice do you have for your fellow students?

Bhavna: Get involved as much as possible because you will realize what you truly enjoy. This will help you figure out what you want to do in life. Not only will it enhance your skills, it will also help you understand when you’re at your best. Lastly, ensure you have time for participation and stay organized so you can stay on top of your school work.

You can contact our Student Group Of The Week on the University of Guelph Humber DECA U website or on Twitter @GHDECAU.

Congratulations Guelph Humber DECA U!

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