Average Starting Salaries For Entry Level Green Jobs In Canada


“Going green” doesn’t just have to be about changing your lightbulbs or investing in some solar panels.

With a growing environmental sector in Canada, “going green” can be the right direction for job seekers who care about the planet.

Environmental protection, conservation and preservation of natural resources, and environmental sustainability are three core areas of specialization in the green sector, but within that, there are a variety of different jobs available.

In fact, there are more than 682,000 environmental employees in Canada and, while they’re all working to help better our environment, they’re doing it in a variety of different ways. From marketing to research to engineering to technology, there is a position for every type of interest in the green industry.

You may love the environment, but getting paid in sunshine usually won’t cut it for most job seekers. Thankfully, this expanding industry has plenty of opportunities for entry level positions with competitive salaries and lots of room for growth. You can expect salary rates to increase considerably with field experience and specialized graduate-level education, or professional designations or certifications.

But is going green a good financial career move?

Here’s the amount of green you could be earning in a number of different entry level environmental jobs:

Agricultural Specialist: $58,250 Environmental Reporter: $43,000
Clean Energy Researcher: $49,000 Park Warden: $52,400
Climatologist: $47,000 Forester: $40,000
Environmental Chemist: $46,500 Soil Conservationist: $58,250
Marine Biologist: $44,000 Seismologist: $58,000
Clean Energy Researcher: $49,000 Environmental Lawyer: $67,500
Environmental Engineer: $41,500 Meteorologist: $47,000
Oceanographer: $44,000 Botanist: $32,000


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Photo credit: Tax Day in Canada by Diane Hammond on Flickr
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