Why Students And New Grads Love Working At Bayer CropScience


On a recent visit to Saskatchewan, TalentEgg stopped by the Bayer CropScience Canola Breeding Centre of Innovation just outside of Saskatoon and spoke with eight students and recent graduates who are hatching their careers with Bayer CropScience.

The number one reason they love working at Bayer CropScience? The people. Whether they’re working with local farmers in their fields or with each other at the Breeding Centre to create the next canola hybrid, the people they interact with on a daily basis make them excited to get up and come to work each day.

Keep reading or watch the video above to find out why Bayer CropScience is a great place to start – and grow – your career.

Working at Bayer CropScience is a lot of fun

Each of the students and new grads we interviewed said they have a lot of fun – Bayer CropScience is a “work hard, play hard” kind of environment. The company even organizes special events for employees, including golf tournaments, paintball, NASCAR race events, fishing trips, pizza parties and more.

Tracy Fehr, a second-year Environmental Science student at the University of Saskatchewan who just spent her first summer as a Summer Associate in Development at Bayer CropScience, says many of her friends are jealous of her because they’re stuck in average summer jobs with nowhere near as many perks!

Employee perks at Bayer CropScience

How many summer jobs have you heard about where the company provides you with a work vehicle, plus pays for gas and lunch every day? Tracy says she hasn’t driven her own car once this summer.

Customer Strategy Specialist Shari Chelack, a recent Business Economics graduate from the University of Saskatchewan, has also experienced some cool perks: she’s already traveled all over North America with Bayer CropScience, including to Las Vegas, Florida and British Columbia.

Training opportunities with Bayer CropScience

There are no dumb questions at Bayer CropScience! Victoria Anderson, who recently graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness and now works as a Territory Sales Representative at Bayer CropScience, says she has never been afraid to ask a question or get the answer, and that has made her feel really comfortable.

Students and new grads often work alongside more experienced employees right in the field, and are even sent to other facilities and locations for additional training. Shari says she will be going to Bayer CropScience’s Guelph, Ontario center in September to participate in training activities there.

Bryce Moore, a University of Saskatchewan Agronomy student going into his fourth year, recently spent his third summer at Bayer CropScience’s Breeding Centre and says he still learns something new every day.

Making a difference in agriculture at Bayer CropScience

One of the coolest things about starting your career with Bayer CropScience is knowing that, whether you work in sales, breeding, customer service or elsewhere, you can have a huge impact on the agriculture industry in Canada and around the world!

After just a few months with Bayer CropScience, Tracy says she realized there are so many more opportunities out there for agriculture graduates than working on a farm. Similarly, Victoria says spending three years with Bayer CropScience has completely changed her perspective on agriculture.

You can solve problems with farmers, says Territory Sales Manager Katie MacMillan, also a recent Agribusiness graduate from the University of Saskatchewan, and feed more people using fewer acres, according to Breeding Agronomist Michelle Chabot.

All of this, says Bryce, makes him and his colleagues proud to work at Bayer CropScience.

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