How Can You Plan Your Career While Heading Back To School?


While you may be desperate to cling to days of summer fun, it’s almost time to shirk those flip-flops in favour of notebooks and textbooks.

That’s right–September is coming, and with cooler weather comes a return to the grade grind.

Whether you have a few years left on the calendar or are mere months from graduation, the first month of the school year is a time for long-term career planning.

Now is the moment to think of the future, be it an entry level position when your school days are over or a summer internship in your chosen industry.

We wanted to find out what advice students and graduates had to offer to help you make the most of your first month back. Here’s what you had to say on Twitter.

How can you start planning a career in September?


What are your career planning tips for students returning to school this September?

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Some of you emphasized the value of good timing…

@TalentEgg if you’re in a graduating position, don’t forget recruiting season starts in Sept! Get those resumes and cover letters ready!Asad Hussain
@TalentEgg Know that 70% of employers do majority of recruiting in September! Don’t miss out!Kate Mackenzie
@TalentEgg don’t stress when all of your accounting friends have contracts in October – small firms and other industries hire much later!Desirae Odjick

…or the importance of networking on-campus and beyond.

@TalentEgg For university students, make friends with the career advisors and look for job postings which will be up your first week back!Kevin Smith
@TalentEgg Cast a wide net when you’re networking! Include peers & professors, but also family members, coworkers, hairdressers, baristas…Alison Pearce

Others had a variety of great tips for everyone!

@TalentEgg Broaden your career hunt an research outside the box. You’d be surprised how your education can compliment your passions. #DOMORECGA Ontario
@TalentEgg Focus more on harnessing your strengths rather than working too hard on the weaknesses! Aim to be indispensable than perfect.Preet Arjun Singh
@TalentEgg Start early. Learn what you are great at. Describe your key skills. Volunteer. Network. Be adaptable to change. Say thank you.Lucille Conlon