Schulich BBA Student’s Summer Internship Prepares Her For A Career In Marketing


Earlier this summer, TalentEgg ran a Facebook photo contest offering students and new graduates the chance to be featured here on the Career Incubator. All you had to do was send in a photo of yourself at work.  Whoever received the most Facebook Likes would be crowned champion. After only two days of voting, TalentEgg-er Snezhana Dmitryuk received a whopping 317 likes. Read on to see just how much there is to “Like” about this photo!

Soon entering her 4th year in the BBA program at the Schulich School of Business with a specialization in Marketing and International Business, Snezhana spent her summer as a Marketing Intern at The Lightning Group.

“Howard Lichtman, President of The Lightning Group, originally started the company’s internship program because he believes in giving students an opportunity to learn valuable skills while gaining real-life experience,” Snezhana writes. He is also a Schulich alumnus himself, so he actively recruits both BBA and MBA students from the school.

After applying for the position through a job posting at her school’s career centre, she received an interview opportunity and was offered the position soon after. Choosing to accept the position was an easy decision for Snezhana. “My number one goal was landing a role that would involve hands-on experience with a lot of responsibility and accountability,” she writes. “The Lightning Group offered me just that.”

Although her program at Schulich is giving Snezhana a great theoretical knowledge base, she discusses how this internship has served as an excellent transition into the “real world.”  Through preparing and delivering presentations, she has improved her communication and interpersonal skills. Her responsibilities in managing different teams and projects have allowed her to develop strong time management and organizational abilities. Finally, by dealing with many different clients she has learned how to manage relationships and negotiate with others.

Beyond teaching her direct and applicable skills, this internship is also showing Snezhana that she has the power to be a very strong candidate in her industry. “I have learned that if you are motivated and hard-working, the word ‘cannot’ does not exist!” She writes. She definitely has to be hard-working since this role gives her just as much responsibility as a regular full-time employee.

One of Snezhana’s highlights from the position was acting as Project Manager for the launch of the new Cold Stone Creamery ParaNorman Festival Ice Cream Creation, which was created to promote Pilaros Taste of the Danforth. Snezhana was responsible for handling all communications between The Lightning Group, Tim Hortons and Alliance Films Inc., approving all artwork, managing media relations and completing all planning and logistics. “While it was certainly challenging, I feel the amount of autonomy I was given and the amount of experience I have gained has prepared me to comfortably step into a full-time position in Marketing upon graduation,” she says.

Launching the Cold Stone Creamery ParaNorman Festival Ice Cream Creation

When analyzing her career goals, this sentiment certainly rings true. Currently most interested in pursuing a career in Brand Management and Trade Marketing, Snezhana has gained quantifiable experience and role-specific skills that will help her as she pursues these career paths. “However, I have also gained transferrable skills that would be an asset in any career path!” she writes.

Oh transferable skills. What would we do without you?

When asked if she had any advice to offer fellow TalentEgg-ers, she had nothing but positive comments regarding the value of internships. “Internships are a great way to learn more about yourself,” Snezhana writes. “You will have a chance to explore a career path and see whether it is a good match for your interest and ambitions.” When else in your life are you going to have a chance to do that?

After hearing of Snezhana’s internship success, it’s no wonder why this photo attracted the attention of 317 people. It’s moments like this that make us wish Facebook had a ‘Love’ button.

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