7 Songs About Work To Listen To At Work


Every now and then you may find it difficult to bring the necessary quantity of pep and verve to your workday.

Whether your sub-par performance stems from illness or indulgence, you’ll probably find yourself turning to music to get back into the swing of things (after coffee, of course).

While everyone has different musical tastes, this work-related group of songs should help you get through your day as smoothly as possible.

8:00 AM

“9 To 5” – Dolly Parton

“Tumble outta bed / And stumble to the kitchen / Pour myself a cup of ambition” 

Even if the title of Dolly Parton’s gold single doesn’t coincide with your work schedule, this hit from 1980 will help you kick-start your day. As an added bonus, this song will instantly make any commute feel like a montage (doubly so on public transit).

9:01 AM

“Manic Monday” – The Bangles

“It’s just another manic Monday / I wish it was Sunday / ‘Cause that’s my funday / My I don’t-have-to-run-day”

You may be one of the unhappy people who dread Monday as the start of the workweek. This pop staple (written by Prince, of all people) tells the story of someone who knows exactly how you feel.

This one is best enjoyed as background music while you settle down at your desk and plan your day. Enjoy the increasingly creative attempts to rhyme with “Monday.”

10:35 AM

“Bang The Drum All Day” – Todd Rundgren

“I don’t want to work / I just want to bang on the drum all day”

Like the average workday, this song can be a little repetitive at times, but it’s also uplifting. In Rundgren’s self-defeating hedonism, you’ll find a gentle reminder that you can’t have fun all the time, or fun would lose its meaning. There’s a 50% chance the chorus will get stuck in your head. You’ve been warned.

1:22 PM

“Working For The Weekend” – Loverboy

“Everyone’s looking to see if it was you / Everyone wants you to come through”

If the title doesn’t jog your memory, a few seconds of listening will – this number has been in a number of advertisements, TV shows, movies and video games. This song’s lyrics do an excellent job reminding you that all the responsibility is on your shoulders, while reinforcing that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Get ready to power through the afternoon.

3:24 PM

“Get Up Offa That Thing” – James Brown

(Every other line in this song is “get up offa that thing.” It’s topical.)

There’s a good chance your job or job hunt has you sitting in front of a computer for hours at a time, which isn’t good for your health. At the risk of being rude and overly familiar, that thing you’re sitting on? Get up. Get up off of it.

Seriously. I’m not allowed to dance without warning my co-workers in advance, and even I danced while writing about this song.

4:52 PM

“Working Man” – Rush

“[extended instrumental break with your best vocal impression of a guitar solo]”

My understanding of Rush fans is that they rarely need a reason to listen to more Rush, so I only need to sell this to the rest of you.

For your own safety, I wouldn’t recommend listening to this while you’re typing. Save this electrifying number for packing up at the end of the day–don’t resist the urge to drum on the stacks of paper surrounding you.

5:03 PM

“For The Love Of Money” – The O’Jays

“Give me a nickel, brother can you spare a dime / Money can drive some people out of their minds”

You may recognize this song as the musical theme to the television show The Apprentice. Even if your commute doesn’t involve a luxury automobile or private jet, this tune will ensure you can stride out content. Take the song’s lyrics to heart as your turn your feet home. it’s about not being consumed by wealth, after all – look forward to the company of friends and family.

Alternatively, listen to Pink Floyd’s “Money” and focus on the cash register noises.

What are your favourite songs to listen to while you’re at work?