Job Search Etiquette Advice For Students And New Graduates


When you hear the word “etiquette,” people tend to think of the need to sit up straight at a table laden with more forks and knives than a silverware factory, but when you’re on the job hunt, proper etiquette can mean the difference between staying on the search and getting the position.

Learning the dos and don’ts of everything from the job application process to the interview to the follow up is typically a trial and error process.

But rather than leave you to realize that attaching Nicholas Cage instead of a resume is not the best idea, we thought we’d ask some experts for their take on the topic.

And by experts, we of course mean our TalentEgg Twitter followers.

Here is what you had to say:

Job Hunting Etiquette Advice From You, For You

TalentEgg’s Twitter following had a lot to say when it came to etiquette and advice to keep in mind when on the job hunt. Share your insights with us in the comment section below!

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Question of the day: What’s one piece of job hunting etiquette advice that you always follow?
@TalentEgg Present yourself in the best light possibleShereen
@TalentEgg Make sure your #references KNOW they’re your references!Alison Pearce
@TalentEgg do research on the company you’re applying to and determine how you fit in.Denis Farr
@TalentEgg customize your cover letters for each employer!Ira Kates
@TalentEgg tailor your resume and interviewing responses to the specific role you are applying for :)Allison Kujbida
@TalentEgg only include the relevant info.Qiansi Xu
@TalentEgg Be professional in an interview, but let your personality show too! It’s what they’ll remember most.Jessica Vieira
@TalentEgg I always remember to use my manners & remember to be patient when waiting for an employer response.Karen M
@TalentEgg send thank you notes!Elissa Riddell
@TalentEgg Thank you notes make interviewers feel appreciated. Everybody deserves warm fuzzies at the end of the day.eric

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