How To Act Like An Olympian At Your Student Job Or Entry Level Job


As London is alive with athletes embracing the Olympic motto and going faster, higher and stronger, the work force is alive with employees practicing these same strategies for success.

Workplace competition is inescapable these days, what with interns fighting for that one available position, and everyone and their brother hoping for a promotion. Donovan Bailey is a pro at going for the gold. You can be too – and you can do it in the most professional and appropriate way possible.

Recognize the importance of training

Every week you should be analyzing your performance. Did you meet your targets? Where and why did you fall short? Evaluating your performance and taking steps to improve – whether it be embarking upon further training courses or practicing some basic strategies – is going to help you become the strongest employee you can be.

Overcome obstacles

Every athlete has to learn how to pick themselves up after a setback. That high jump bar you just can’t clear? The hurdle you keep knocking over? Athletes need to keep their eye on the prize in order to keep going when the going gets tough.

Similarly, we face obstacles in the workplace as well. Not getting the promotion you wanted. Being rejected from a job you thought you had in the bag. Keeping your eyes on your ultimate goal and focusing your attention on what steps you can take to get there will help you find yourself on the workplace podium sooner rather than later.

Push yourself

Preparing for the Olympics is an insane time commitment. You eat, sleep and breathe olympic training. Therefore, maintaining focus and working towards constant improvement is your key to success. At work, it is easy to fall victim to doing the bare minimum and settling into where you are instead of working towards where you could be. Pushing yourself to work harder and surpass expectations is where you are going to find your career success.

Stick to friendly competition

Rivalry between co-workers who are fighting for the same positions can get heated as they fall under the pressure of trying to prove themselves. Standing out is one thing. Doing it maliciously is quite another. Although it’s natural to want to win, remember that you are on a team. Do your best, but not at the expense of others.

Be a lover not a fighter

Nothing says Canadian pride like your whole house crowding around the TV and cheering on Simon Whitfield. Not only that, but the athletes who are competing are just as supportive of each other and just as eager to cheer each other on. At work, embrace the idea of being a team and supporting your peers. Rooting for others will encourage them to do the same for you (and make them want to work more closely with you!)

H2O is your new best friend

A healthy athlete is a hydrated athlete. A healthy employee is one who drinks lots of water in order to keep their mind fresh. Simple as that.

Photo credit: Amazing Powerpoint Presentation by Mauricio Balvanera on Flickr
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