How To Adapt Your Style And Work Wardrobe For Hot Summer Weather


When the weather gets hot, TalentEgg-ers don’t fry.

Instead, they get cracking on a professional summer wardrobe that is not too hot, not too cool, but just right for the summer months.

We took to Twitter to find out how students, new grads and young professionals are keeping cool regardless of the season.

How have you adapted your work wardrobe for the hot summer weather?

Keep Cool In The Summer Heat

Here’s our compilation of summer-friendly style tips from you for you!

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Question of the day: How have you adapted your work wardrobe for the hot summer weather? Answer by tweeting us pics if you’d like!
Sweltering heat is no reason to shed your professionalism. These ladies stay dressy regardless of how high the temperature gets.
@TalentEgg Business casual flair with a focus on summer-friendly fabric/materials: linen, rayon & cottons. I also wear long summer dresses.Farrah Chanda
@TalentEgg: Question of the day: How have Uadapted your work wardrobe 4the hot summer weather? I wear dresses…no need to tuck anything in!Lisa Kramer
@TalentEgg dresses! And lots of cool braids and buns instead of hair down!Celine T
Trent alum Madeleine Dinnissen, 23, from our Summer-Friendly Style guide also throws up her hair and throws on a dress when the seasons change from spring to sweltering.
“Madeleine’s a big fan of “fun, approachable yet still professional,” outfits you can wear in warmer weather and in colder weather with tights…She works in insurance, so it’s no shock that her philosophy is a safe bet every month of the year.”
Madeleine Dinnissen 1 rtTalentEgg
When it’s steamy outside and an ice box in the office can be tough, TalentEgg-ers don’t panic, they get layering.
@TalentEgg Sleeveless top for outside + blazer for inside AC weather!Nicole Wray
But what about all those stylin’ young men attempting to keep it cool?
@TalentEgg A preppy short-sleeve linen dress shirt to wear outside, then a blazer on top makes everyone in the office none the wiser!Patrick Ray
Christopher Reyes, 25, from our Summer-Friendly Style guide also advocates a blazer in the blazing heat.
“Christopher’s job at The Bay gives him the inside track on staying cool in the summer sun – he recommends layering as a way to balance cool shade and hot sun (note the rolled-up sleeves).”
Christopher Reyes 1TalentEgg
And yet still others take professional summer style to a, uh, new level…
@talentegg pajamas, shorts, and/or undies! working at home is the best. ;)Aldrich Tan
Suiting up (or down) to suit the job is exactly what Alex Strauss, 22, from Summer-Friendly Style, Part 2 does as well.
“Alex works for a promotions company distributing free samples. He said his employer provides clothes to wear on-site and he’s happy to avoid a shirt and tie.Yellow pants, red suspenders and a plastic fireman’s hat? When you look this good, you answer to no one.”
Alex StraussTalentEgg
If your professional wardrobe is taking a hit in the heat, get creative with some help from our “dress for success” expert Erin Miller.
How To Dress For Career Success: Tips From Image Expert Erin Millertalentegg

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