Why You Should Still Be Thinking About A Summer Student Job


The arrival of warmer weather can really turn up the pressure on your job search.

If you’re still looking for a summer student job, rising temperatures will remind you that you don’t have all the time in the world – there’s only one month left until September.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for entry level or early career work, you may find yourself reflecting fondly on your past summer student jobs.

If your search for full time work isn’t going well, you should consider looking for a summer student job. Here’s why.

A summer student job is still a job

Don’t let the “summer student” title discourage you from exploring possible avenues of employment.

If you’re aspiring to find an entry level or early career job, or perhaps an internship in your chosen industry, you may be reticent to shift gears toward a summer student job. However, the student summer job market can be a perfect interim solution if you’re unemployed or underemployed and need to make some short-term cash.

You can continue searching for the job you’ll love while working a student summer job, and you may find the seasonal employment an unexpected boon.

A student summer job can help you avoid having gaps on your resume, which can sometimes raise red flags with a prospective employer. In addition, some employers are more interested in meeting with candidates who are already employed, regardless of their field.

Summer student jobs aren’t always what you expect

Many people assume that any summer student job will be exactly like their past summer employment experiences. More often than not, this means short term seasonal employment with no possibility of advancement.

While it’s true that a summer student job probably won’t come with a company car and a corner office, don’t be too quick to write off a job opportunity simply because it’s at a particular level.

Employers aren’t always consistent in their use of job descriptions.

An employer might use the phrase “summer student job” in place of “paid internship” or “short-term entry level position.” Another might use “summer student job” to indicate any and all positions a student might fulfill during the summer season.

Read those summer student job postings carefully to make sure you aren’t overlooking great opportunities.

Summer student jobs don’t have to end with the summer

Most summer student jobs are offered by employers with year-round operations, even in the tourism and hospitality industries (which do more business in the summer months).

Like any other job posting, summer student jobs can have the potential to lead to long-term work – whether it’s related to your original position or involves a change of departments.

Getting a handle on your prospects in this area can be difficult. Some job postings will indicate the possibility of extending your term of employment, while other employers won’t be willing to provide this information.

Keep your ear to the ground. If your summer student job is in your preferred industry (or one related to it), you could find yourself snagging an entry level position when you least expect it.

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