Midsummer Job Hunt Hint: How To Rebuild Your Summer Job Search Momentum


It’s mid-July and you’re still having no luck on the summer job front. You’ve slowly fallen into the swing of sleeping until noon and sitting poolside for the afternoon with a pitcher of Sangria in hand, completely giving up on the idea of making any sort of income over the summer months.

However, just because the July heat is making you melt doesn’t mean your motivation has to melt along with it. These steps can help you transform your lazy summer days into productive ones while still leaving time for an afternoon beer on the patio.

Shed the PJs

Get up early and go for a run before the heat kicks in. Get dressed. Eat a full breakfast. Doing these things sets you in gear and makes it much less likely for you to spend the day lounging.

Manage your time

Making cold calls, revamping your resume and writing thank you notes after interviews don’t sound like fun ways to spend your afternoon.

Try setting a timer for 15 minutes, three times a day and doing something you don’t want to do during those three intervals. The time will fly by and you’ll accomplish more by working hard for short periods of time.

Share the love

See a job posting that would be perfect for your other unemployed friend? Hear an ad for something your younger cousin could try out? Let them know about it. Helping others succeed will motivate you to do so as well. Not only that, but passing along  information encourages others to do the same for you and allows you to network without even trying.

A good deed a day keeps the doctor away

Instead of escaping the heat by parking it in front of some Family Feud, use that time to do something nice for someone else. Vacuum the house. Make dinner. Organize your mom’s bookshelf (I did that and she threw me a twenty. Just sayin’.). Not only will others appreciate this, but the more things you do the more motivated you will be to continue being productive with your time. Half the battle is simply getting out of a lazy funk.

Put your mind at ease

Pick one thing that is really troubling you and brainstorm ways to deal with it. For example, if you’re stressing about how to foot your rent cheques for the school year, get on your student loan application. Examine your class schedule to see if you can fit in a part-time job for  the fall. Create a budget. Getting your worries under control one at a time will make the bigger picture less stressful overall.

Get creative

If you’re feeling desperate for some dough, think of ways to rake it in without relying on a job. Donate items from your overflowing closet to a consignment store. See if your neighbours need any odd jobs done. Call your local employment centre to see if they have any temp jobs you could apply for. Accessing all your outlets may bring forth results you didn’t even consider before.

Slowly building up your momentum and making your days more productive will keep you feeling positive and make you more successful in your search!

Photo Credit: Lynda Giddens on Flickr