What Have You Learned So Far At Your Summer Job Or Internship?


Internships are anything but clear-cut.

Everyone’s favourite show, Scrubs, outlines it well when Dr. Cox says, “I suppose you want me to say you’re great, that you’ve raised the bar for interns everywhere…well, I’m not going to say that. You’re doing OK. Someday you might even be better than that. But right now, all I see is a guy who’s so preoccupied with wondering what everyone else thinks about him that he doesn’t have anytime to think whether or not he believes in himself.”

This is the perfect (well, that’s a loose term; I’m not sure “perfect” and “Scrubs” belong in the same sentence together) quote on how internships are commonly perceived: as situations where you are constantly under watch and you struggle to prove yourself.

Although intimidating, this can actually work to your benefit. Internships are an excellent way to develop your industry-related skills, gain valuable work experience, create a network and potentially bridge into employment.

We asked our Twitter followers to tell us what they’ve learned so far at their summer internships:

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Tell us in the comments:

What have you learned so far at your summer internship?

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