How To Use Pinterest To Find A Job


Sure, Pinterest is great for finding recipes, wedding dresses and learning how to make your own deodorant, but this visually driven social media can also help you find a job.

In an age where professional Facebook pages and Twesumes are becoming regular additions to job applications, having a professional Pinterest account can help you stand out from the rest of the online crowd.

For those who aren’t familiar with the site, Pinterest allows its users to set up an online page and post original and shared content in the form of photos, much like you would pin something to a cork-board. The photo layout of the site makes it easy for readers to get a lot of information in a small amount of space.

Pinterest can be a great way to showcase your skills to potential employers, especially if you’re in creative or marketing fields.

Create a resume and portfolio on Pinterest

According to Pinterest’s Pin Etiquette, boards are intended to be authentic reflections of each user. “Pinterest is an expression of who you are.” And with more than 6 million users, including major companies, you’re showcasing “who you are” to a big audience.

Creating a professional Pinterest board for your resume and work portfolio can showcase your skills, talent and creativity to potential employers.

Marketing expert Christopher Penn says, “The key to figuring out how to present effectively on Pinterest is to present visually even for non-visual stuff.”

Instead of just telling people you’re gutsy, pin a photo of you sky diving to your Pinterest resume board with the caption “Skydiving? Risk taker.” That’s exactly what Harvard business school graduate Jeanne Hwang did. Jeanne used her board to showcase her previous jobs, her interests and even a picture of her puppy.

While you can, and should, get creative with what goes on your board, play it straight with your headlines. Titling your boards “Resume” or “Portfolio” makes it clear what the purpose of your board is and makes it easier to find if employers are searching around.

Just like with your real resume, prioritize your posts. Put the most important info at the top and try and organize your board in a logical fashion. Christopher made an example for how job-seekers can put together a Pinterest resume, linking to other social media sites and maintaining a distinctive personal brand.

Get social with your job search on Pinterest

The next step is to make your new media profile more social. Interact with brands and companies that you’d like to work for on Pinterest. Like their content, provoke discussion in the comments section and re-pin their posts to your boards under a designated “Companies I’d like to work for” board. Organizations will get notifications for your actions on their site, putting you on their radar.

Also, use Twitter and Facebook to promote your Pinterest account to specific companies to get their attention.

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