How To Cure A Case Of The Mondays


If Sunday is the day of rest, Monday is the day of resentment.

You wake up to the incessant buzzing of your alarm, slapping it so hard that you almost hope it’ll knock time forward to the end of the week. When you finally manage to drag yourself out of bed, you make yourself just presentable enough to get into the office.

You settle in at your desk and begin your countdown until the end of the day.


Bed-head and eye baggage, sloth-like work pace, a frown that cannot be turned upside down, and the uncontrollable longing for a fast-forward button.


A clear-cut case of the Mondays.

A study in 2008 by Mercer found that the first day of the work week is the most common day for people to call in sick. Researcher Phiroze Bilimoria said that “Monday sickness . . . can be a symptom of low employee engagement and morale within certain teams or departments,” which is really just a fancy way of saying that after a weekend of fun, it’s tough to go back to work.


Plan ahead: If you know that Mondays are your kryptonite, do what you can to make them easier. On Fridays, put that nose to the grindstone and try and finish up your big projects, leaving little things for the day-that-must-not-be-named. When the end of the weekend is drawing near, instead of spending your Sunday night partying like a rockstar, take it easy and turn in a bit early so you’re not a zombie for your first day back in the office.

Break it up: Rather than just sitting in your cubicle, watching the seconds turn into minutes and the minutes ever-so-slowly turn into hours, take a break. Get up and go for coffee with co-workers. Regale them with tales of your fabulous weekend adventures over lunch. Obviously, don’t take so many breaks that you’re out getting beverages more frequently than you’re at your desk – unlike the weekend, the work week requires moderation. However, hanging out with co-workers and getting out of your Monday funk can help your day pass by quicker and help you see your workplace as more than busy days and deadlines.

Make plans: Like a horse with a carrot, maybe you need something to work toward. If that’s the case, make your Monday more exciting. A dinner out, visits with friends or maybe just finally getting around to renting Adam Sandler’s latest cinematic masterpiece – give your Monday a happy ending that will help you get through your work day.

Change your perspective: Yes, Mondays mean that you’re once again at the beginning of the race for the weekend but going into it full of dread is not going to make things any easier. Try to focus on the positive, seeing your Mondays as miraculous rather than miserable.

Photo credit: Hard at work, or hardly working? Coding in PHP by slworking2 on Flickr