Summer-Friendly Style, Part 2: The Thermostat Strikes Back


This summer hasn’t yet become a real scorcher, but June has had its fair share of hot and humid days.

While you may find yourself daydreaming of brisk fall breezes, there’s still some warmer weather to weather.

Though everyone is struggling not to sweat in the swelter, fashion-conscious young professionals face an additional challenge as they try to beat the heat.

TalentEgg took to the street to find out how summer sartorialists are showing flair in the glare. This group of winners never attire to perspire, they dress to impress – and impressed we were.

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Jessica Darling     IMG_1591

Jessica Darling, 26 (Devon Group)

Jessica was hard at work knitting a shawl, but she wasn’t at all crochet-y about filling us in on her work wear.

This research librarian hates the stereotype that librarians have stuffy, uptight wardrobes, and tosses that outdated attitude out the window by paring a rakish tie with conservative garb.

Though she insisted that she’s a not a stylish person, Jessica’s look totally checks out with a firm thumbs-up in our book.


IMG_1605     NicolasDinh2

Nicolas Dinh, 32 (Concordia, Ryerson)

Nicolas explained that he likes to dress with an eye for versatility.

His preferred move in summer is wearing a suit to work, leaving the jacket in his office during the day so he can jump from business casual to formal at a moment’s notice.

This trick not only helps him stay cool, but ensures he’s ready for anything–like his shoes. It takes dedication to shine in the summer. You’re making the rest of us look shabby, Nicolas.


Aline Kazazian     IMG_1617

Aline Kazazian, 20 (Ryerson)

Aline is a “firm believer in comfort,” and said she layers to avoid getting a chill in the office. Even in the summer sun, Aline kept her cool under the pressure of our rapid-fire questioning.

We were worried that Aline was teasing us when she said the dress code at her workplace is “fashion.” It turns out that this retail management student is currently an intern at Holt Renfrew, which makes a lot more sense.

While a lesser soul would have let matching black dictate bland shoes, Aline cleverly throws in interesting footwear to display her commitment to stylish minimalism.


IMG_1621     Monica X

Monica Z., 20 (Laurier)

Monica is also an intern at Holt Renfrew, and said a cardigan is her preferred option for staying on top of the weather.

Monica has opted for a light cardigan to carry off that navy dress, which she’s wisely paired with matching bracelets, tying in her brown shoes.

That’s not coordination–it’s choreography.


IMG_1602     Imran2

Imran Ibrahim, 29 (Toronto)

He may work in finance, but Imran’s look is more like fun-ance (please note that Imran did not approve this pun).

Imran said he thinks it’s important to dress well when you work in finance, but he likes to keep it business casual.

This young professional’s rolled-up sleeves say, “Let’s get down to work,” while the bright shirt says “…but don’t stress out!”

With contributions from Ishani Nath and Leah Ruehlicke.