Summer-Friendly Style For Young Professionals


The arrival of summer means it’s time to bring out your warm weather wardrobe.

While it’s nice to ditch bulky jackets, your summer job or entry level job can make it difficult to dress for days of sunshine.

Whether you’re doing entry level work, in an early career position or working away at your first internship, rising temperatures mean you need to find workplace wear that’s also cool and comfortable.

TalentEgg took to the streets to snap some seasonal style and find out how young professionals are staying smart and sharp. We found people in all lines of work who were beating the heat and showing off a little personal flair to boot.

Their forecast for downtown Toronto? Fashion, with a chance of fabulous.

Melissa Rozycki 1 rt     Melissa Rozycki 2 rt

Melissa Rozycki, 27 (Brock University)

Though Melissa was hurrying out of the path of a delivery truck when we spotted her, the professional Communications Officer kindly gave us a minute of her time.

Melissa makes dressing for warmer weather look easy with light clothes and minimal accessories.

How does she keep those heels so white? Do her shoes get dental checkups?


Christopher Reyes 2 rt     Christopher Reyes 1 rt

Christopher Reyes, 25 (Ryerson University)

Christopher’s job at The Bay gives him the inside track on staying cool in the summer sun – he recommends layering as a way to balance cool shade and hot sun (note the rolled-up sleeves).

You can’t pull off a one-button jacket without conviction, a quality this stylist has in abundance.

It’s nice to see well-cared for shoes, but the real winner in Christopher’s outfit is that pocket square, which is picking up almost every colour he’s wearing.


Laura Rebry 1 rt     Laura Rebry 2rt

Laura Rebry, 24 (Conestoga College)

Laura kept it short and simple. Her choice for summer wear? Bright colours.

Just when you think we took her picture because of that almost-TalentEgg-pink blouse, her purse hits you with a blaze of lemon-coloured glory.

Laura is a law clerk and the commitment she shows to her principles is nothing but fashion justice.


Madeleine Dinnissen 2 rt     Madeleine Dinnissen 1 rt

Madeleine Dinnissen, 23 (Trent University)

Madeleine’s a big fan of “fun, approachable yet still professional,” outfits you can wear in warmer weather and in colder weather with tights.

Though Madeline’s shoes break that rule, they’re just too smart to find fault with.

She works in insurance, so it’s no shock that her philosophy is a safe bet every month of the year.


Monika Sungaila 1 rt     Monika Sungaila 2 rt

Monika Sungaila, 24 (McMaster University, Brock)

Monika described her style as treading a careful path between casual and business casual while staying “fun and bright.”

While it would be easy to get carried away with her sequined flats (think sunlight in your eyes), Monika has grounded the circular motif in her polka dot blouse, reminding us that bright doesn’t always have to be flashy.


Tim Tan 2 rt     Tim Tan 1 rt

Tim Tan, 24 (Mohawk College)

Tim’s look is conservative and clean-cut, appropriate to his job as a Technical Service Representative at an information technology firm.

Tim gets warm weather dressing spot-on with a smart gingham shirt (no jacket) and lightweight pants.

There’s no telling whether Tim meant to co-ordinate his shirt and lanyard colour, but we wouldn’t put it past him.


Jackie Zhou 2 rt     Jackie Zhou 1 rt

Jackie Zhou, 21 (University of Waterloo)

Jackie said, “I like to be professional but I still want to have that youthful energy,” while filling us in on the merits of blazers – a great accessory which you can whip off in a pinch to cool down or casual up (this is not an actual expression).

While Jackie’s reserved wardrobe suits her co-op role as a business analyst, that nail polish shows she hasn’t forgotten how to express a little personality while in office attire.

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With contributions from Ishani Nath and Leah Ruehlicke.