Average Starting Salaries For New Grad Engineering Jobs In Calgary 2012


If the mention of Calgary makes you think of a sleepy oil and gas town overrun with cattle, it’s probably a good time to take a step back and look at the big picture.

While it may be nicknamed Cowtown, this city can lay claim to an impressive blend of accomplishments and honours that reflect its position as a world-class city.

Calgary consistently ranks highly in quality of living studies, and was voted the world’s cleanest city in 2007.

Despite being the third-largest city in Canada, Calgary is also the country’s safest place to live. This is good news for anyone looking to enjoy its thriving cultural scene (the city was voted Canada’s Cultural Capital in 2012).

While oil and gas is still Calgary’s biggest industry, the city has diversified since the 1980s, with tourism and manufacturing becoming increasingly vital components of the city’s economy.

This development translates into a wealth of opportunity for recent engineering graduates, particularly those concerned about their bottom dollar – Calgary also boasts the highest average personal income in Canada.

Below is a sampling of estimated salaries associated with entry level engineering positions in Calgary. These numbers are estimates only.

Mechanical Engineer: $68,642 Hardware Engineer: $67,411
Software Engineer: $64,871 Manufacturing Engineer: $65,919
Electrical Engineer: $70,117 Industrial Engineer: $65,559
Chemical Engineer: $82,883 Environmental Engineer: $66,211
Field Service Engineer: $59,312 Design Engineer: $67,206

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