ProjectONE12 Update: Mount Royal University Grad’s 10 Internships Lead To A Full-Time Job


Back in February, we published the remarkable story of Mount Royal University business graduate Maeghan Smulders’ adventure as she completed nine different internships in a number of cities across North America, including Calgary, Toronto, San Francisco and Vancouver, in 112 days.

Eventually she completed the tenth and final internship at Montreal company Beyond The Rack. Tenth time’s the charm, I guess, because Maeghan has just accepted a job with the company to start in June!

“The world is full of opportunity and we should be curious, be bold, ask questions and pursue with enthusiasm the things we want to.” —Maeghan Smulders, Creator of ProjectONE12

Maeghan received a ton of positive email from TalentEgg readers across Canada in response to the article, so she has kept us in the loop since we published Finding Her Dream Job: 10 Internships In 2 Countries In 112 Days.

Here’s the update Maeghan sent us today:

The post-graduation “question mark” follows many students as they exit university wondering what they should do after receiving their degree. But I decided to take a different approach and carry that question mark with me on a North American tour, exploring the world of work through my speed-interning initiative – ProjectONE12: 1 girl. 10 jobs. 112+ days across North America.

I decided to challenge the “what next?” question students receive upon graduating and turn it into an opportunity to find my dream job.

I’ve always learned best through experience and was determined to find a job that was right for me. That’s why I created ProjectONE12. My hope was to learn and see different types of industries, atmospheres and challenges to be confident in the direction I wanted to pursue post-graduation – but I have been so lucky to gain much more.

ProjectONE12 created more opportunity than I had originally planned. After coordinating my first four short-term internships with Fotolia, Adobe, BBDO and DealMaker Media traveling from Los Angeles to Toronto and on to San Francisco in my first month; I found myself learning about and visiting companies like Facebook, Google and Beyond The Rack, enriching my perspective on the opportunities that are out there.

My journey ended a few weeks ago and its always sad to end something…but as one project ends, the next one begins. I’m excited to share with you that I have accepted a position with Beyond The Rack (BTR) in Montreal, Quebec, starting in June. BTR is a Canadian startup with offices in Montreal, New York as well as Las Vegas, and was named the fastest growing E-tailer in the U.S. (in 2011) by Internet Retailer Magazine.

My role with them is to manage and start a new department within the company that focuses on marketing and new business opportunities. This job was created after my internship with the company

I’m stoked! It’s going to be a lot of work, a new adventure and by far a wicked opportunity to learn loads.

My next challenge? Well, that is packing, moving and starting something new.

ProjectONE12 has been the ultimate adventure and given me an invaluable education that I hope to continue to share with others. I hope that my journey brings attention to the fact that things have changed since our parents went to school and applied jobs. The world is full of opportunity and we should be curious, be bold, ask questions and pursue with enthusiasm the things we want to.

No matter how crazy the idea…make things happen.

So that is it for me! Well…for now anyways.

Wish me luck on the next adventure and thank you again for your interest, support and kind words. I appreciate you.

To learn more about Maeghan and Project ONE12, and to check out her blog posts and videos about her experience during each internship, visit

What would you do to find your dream job?

Photo credit: Maeghan Smulders’ Facebook page
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