Behind The Scenes With 3 Recent Grads At EF Education First


When TalentEgg visited EF Education First’s head office in downtown Toronto to go behind the scenes with recent grad employees Megan Parker, Aaron Griffiths and Mary Erskine, it was obvious why they love working there: everyone is passionate about travel and education!

Helping students and teachers explore the world

Megan, a recent graduate of Brock University’s Tourism Administration program and Australia’s James Cook University’s Masters of Ecotourism program, worked as a Tour Consultant at EF Education First for almost two years before being promoted to her current role as a Sales Manager.

At the time of filming, she was in transition between the two roles, receiving training and learning more about being a Sales Manager. She says she thinks she’s been successful because of how driven she is to be the best and how much value she places on developing strong relationships with EF’s clients.

EF is growing quickly so, while there are certainly plenty of opportunities to start your career with the company, it’s clear you can grow and advance within EF as well.

As an Educational Tour Consultant, Aaron spends most of his time on the phone speaking with teachers, school principals, school board staff and parents about educational travel – everything from what it’s like for students to travel to what’s involved in planning a trip.

Once they actually book a trip, they might work with a Senior Tour Manager like Mary, a recent Wilfrid Laurier University Global Studies and Political Science grad, who provides their flight itinerary, answers any questions they might have before they travel, and works with them until they return to Canada.

Travelling around the world with EF

Even recent grad employees get to travel the world at EF Education First!

Since starting her career with EF two years ago, Megan has visited seven different countries and Aaron has had the opportunity to work at various conferences and lead trips for teachers. Mary says she has seen more of the world than she ever thought possible at this point in her life! (And that’s saying a lot because she traveled extensively before joining EF.)

Exciting work and travel experiences with EF

In the last year, Mary, Megan and Aaron have had some truly egg-citing work and travel experiences with EF. We asked them to tell us about their favourites:

  • By meeting certain goals and incentives at work, Aaron earned a trip to London, England
  • Last summer, Megan was chosen to go to China with a group of teachers who frequently travel with EF to help them experience and learn about travel opportunities there
  • Mary recently traveled to Iceland for the first time


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