TalentEgg On Twitter: How To Make A Good First Impression At Your Summer Job


Students across the country are beginning their summer internships and co-op jobs this week – including three of TalentEgg’s summer interns!

Internships and co-ops are a great way to gain experience while still in school, network within your desired industry and maybe even land a full-time job!

Since first impressions are so important, we wanted to know: How can summer interns or co-op students make a good impression during their first week on the job?

Here’s some egg-cellent advice from TalentEgg tweeps:

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About the author

Taryn Fahey is TalentEgg's Marketing Specialist and the Office Hours Moderator. Taryn is a recent graduate of UBC Okanagan's Faculty of Management, where she earned a Bachelor of Management with a specialization in Marketing.