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When you were a child, the arrival of summer meant freedom: no school, no homework and no job.

That freedom is hard to come by once you’re old enough to work, so it’s no surprise that when you’re looking for a summer job, you may find yourself longing for the summers of your childhood.

While you may be too old to go to a summer camp, you aren’t too old to work at one.

Alberta has over 200 summer camp locations throughout the province, in small communities and urban centers like Calgary and Edmonton alike. This large market is one of several reasons that make summer camp employment a promising avenue for student job-seekers.

Summer camps are student-friendly

A summer camp is a great destination if you’re looking for an entry-level position, as previous experience isn’t always necessary (after all, everyone has experience being a child). Camp managers will appreciate candidates who demonstrate maturity and common sense: any past employment, extra-curricular or volunteer work which shows that you can handle responsibility is a great asset.

To help your job application stand out, it’s a good idea to get a basic first-aid certification before applying, as most summer camps require that counsellors have one.

Alberta summer camps are hiring

Many camps experience high employee turnover each season, so it’s a sure bet that just about any camp in Alberta will be looking to hire (community day camps are good places to start). Since summer camps usually begin their programs at the end of June, many will have jobs to offer students who are in a last-minute scramble to find work.

Even if a particular summer camp isn’t hiring, unexpected vacancies may pop up at any time—it’s always a good idea to submit a resume.

Summer camp jobs have regular hours

Unlike many student jobs, summer camps will usually assign you consistent hours and days of employment. This is a double bonus, as a regular schedule not only helps you estimate your summer earnings, but also makes it easier to organize other activities, such as school, travel or a second summer job.

Summer camp jobs are great experience

Experience working with children is always an asset, particularly if you plan on teaching, either as a career or while traveling abroad. Working in a summer camp will also develop your multi-tasking and problem-solving abilities. These transferable skills are invaluable in any job search, and applicable to many positions.

Summer camp is fun

While the prospect of getting paid to play is exciting (you’ll be the fastest kid on the playground, at last), you might even be able to find a position at a summer camp which matches your hobbies and interests.

Alberta’s summer camps offer a surprisingly diverse range of activities in education, athletics and arts. Sports camps now include rock-climbing; science camps offer robotics; an arts camp could mean music, fashion or drama.

Though your summers of endless fun are behind you, a job at summer camp in Alberta might just make you feel like a kid again.

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