Post-Graduate And Continuing Education Options In Insurance


Think you can stare fiscal chaos in the face while always staying one step ahead? I’d recommend a career in insurance.

If you’ve already snatched up your bachelor’s degree and you are looking to expand your knowledge with post-graduate studies, here are a couple of options in the fields of finance, insurance and risk management.


University of Toronto’s Rotman Institute for International Business offers an MBA with the possibility to major in Risk Management and Financial Engineering.

The MBA is a full-time course that takes two years to complete, providing both the well-rounded boost of business knowledge and the ability to specialize. If you’re teetering on the fence about whether a career in insurance is where you want to go, the Rotman MBA offers the best of both worlds.

Points of interest:

  •  Their admissions criteria are relatively open-minded, without a specification of a Bachelor of Commerce and the ability to take either the GRE or GMAT. They also don’t have a minimum for requisite work experience, although it’s always an asset to have a year or two under your belt.

Master of Science

British Columbia’s Simon Fraser University offers an intensive, one-year Master of Science in Finance that provides a more specific course of study.

Broken up into three semesters, the program starts you off with the math and computational fundamentals specific to finance and investing, and eventually leads you into market and credit risk management, and the laws and regulations of financial institutions.

Points of interest:

  •  This master’s degree offers some big time practical experience with the Student Investment Advisory Service. The SIAS puts students at the helm of a generously donated $9 million portfolio to better understand how the theory can be applied.
  •  Visiting industry professionals are ever-present and a great resource for both learning and networking. Students are able to work with them on research projects and it’s not uncommon to find students nabbing both a masters and a job upon graduation.

Insurance-related diploma and certificate programs

There are a few universities that offer insurance degrees through continuing education. These degrees often pair business fundamentals with a narrower focus on risk management. A lot of them also offer the standardized required courses to qualify for at least one of the professional insurance designations. If you’re coming from a non-business background or you’re looking for a little more meat in your graduate studies career before diving into the job pool, this would be something to look into.

Here are a few interesting options from institutions known for their business education:

Risk Management Certificate
University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

This certificate can be completed at your own pace within the scope of three years. It consists of three courses that also meet the requirement for the Canadian Risk Management (CRM) designation. They also can be used toward the Fellow-Chartered Insurance Professional (FCIP/FIIC) designation.

Diploma in Finance
McGill University School of Continuing Studies

This diploma program balances five general finance courses with five elective courses. The electives are divided into streams, but if you’re gunning for a focus more relevant to insurance, then the Treasury-Finance and Risk Management stream would be your bread and butter.

Certificate in Management: Risk Management
Simon Fraser University Continuing Studies

The certificate requirements can be completed in five years at your own pace, which means part-time study is perfectly okay. This program also meets all (or most) of the requirements for three professional designations: CRM, FCIP and RIMS Fellow (RF).

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