Behind The Scenes With A New Grad Analyst At The CPP Investment Board


Jessica Morris is a recent graduate of Western University’s Richard Ivey School of Business who now works as a Private Investments Analyst at the CPP Investment Board in Toronto.

She was involved in a lot of finance clubs at Western and that’s how she first learned about the CPP Investment Board and the summer rotational program there. She didn’t realize she could go into the buy-side of investment banking straight out of school, so the CPP Investment Board really stood out as one of the few employers that offers buy-side opportunities.

She completed the CPP Investment Board’s summer rotational program in 2010, and returned to become a full-time analyst in September 2011.

On the job at the CPP Investment Board

Jessica works in private investments so it’s transaction-oriented, she says. If she’s on a deal, she’s always working with her deal team to do due diligence and make sure they know the company that they’re looking to buy in and out.

Even as a student or entry level analyst, she has typically been involved in all aspects of the due diligence process. “To be able to voice your opinion at a junior level is exciting,” she says. “Everything you say really counts and goes toward the end goal.”

The culture at the CPP Investment Board is great, she says. Everyone is friendly and deal teams often spend time together outside of work as a group.

The best aspects of working at the CPP Investment Board

Jessica’s favourite things about working at the CPP Investment Board are:

  • The level of responsibility you get even as a student or entry level analyst
  • The travel opportunities: As a summer rotational analyst she had the opportunity to travel to London, England, and work on a deal team that was evaluating a company worth about $10 billion
  • Working on the buy-side


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