Schulich MBA Grad Finds A Meaningful Business Career At Rexall


When you picture a career in business, a retail pharmacy may not be the first image that comes to mind.

However, it takes more than just Pharmacists to run Rexall, Katz Group Canada’s national flagship chain drug store with over 400 stores in central and western Canada.

Rexall hires for a number of other business areas, including Information Technology, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Real Estate, Merchandising, Advertising and Operations.

“The best part of my job is knowing that I create value by providing tools required for running an organization that focuses on promoting good health within the communities that we live in.” —Shawn Rodricks, Senior Business Analyst – Corporate Operations, Rexall

Shawn Rodricks is a Senior Business Analyst in the Corporate Operations department at Rexall’s home office in Mississauga, Ontario, where he works with the National Operations Director, the Senior Vice President of Operations and sometimes even the CEO on financial models, budgeting, cost centre forecasting and other projects.

“Finding new opportunities, leveraging on core competencies and strengthening weaknesses is essential in driving the organization forward, and business analysts like me assist senior management in these tasks,” says Shawn.

That concept of growth and continuous improvement is what drew Shawn to Rexall after completing his MBA at York University’s Schulich School of Business in 2010. “The history of Rexall over the last 100-plus years shows that it is a success story. It has grown through mergers and acquisitions,” he says. “I saw in Rexall the potential to utilize my newly developed skill sets, add value towards further growth of the organization and also further my own career within the organization.”

And while his job certainly involves a lot of crunching numbers and strategic thinking, at the end of the day he knows that he’s making a difference in the lives of people across Canada. “The best part of my job is knowing that I create value by providing tools required for running an organization that focuses on promoting good health within the communities that we live in.”

Before he was hired, he participated in 4 interviews, including behavioural interviews conducted by Human Resources and meetings with the senior managers he would be working most closely with.

Shawn credits his MBA education for preparing him for this type of role – courses such as Strategy, Marketing and Organizational Behaviour taught him how everything comes together within a large organization like Rexall. “Moreover group work in projects and case studies enhanced my teamwork skills, an essential ingredient to be successful,” he says.

In the last year and a half at Rexall, Shawn has noticed that the encouragement for new and young employees to learn and grow comes right from the very top. “I have the good fortune of working with intelligent and experienced leaders,” he says. “Their personalities, behaviour, actions and strategic decision-making abilities teach me lessons everyday at Rexall.”

They also acknowledge and recognize good work: some of Shawn’s most memorable experiences at Rexall so far include participating at executive meetings, presenting to colleagues and senior managers, and being recognized in front of the whole company for his contributions to driving the business forward.

And while the job market can sometimes be tough for students and recent grads, Shawn’s advice is to be picky about where you start your career, like him. “Look for organizations that will create value for you. Work for organizations that have intelligent and experienced leaders so that you can learn and grow constantly.”

Rexall is growing quickly with a focus on building for the future. Learn more about the exciting career opportunities with Rexall.