Need Help Preparing For A Job Interview? There’s An App For That


Job interviews are the best opportunity to show potential employers who you are and what you can do.

So how can you make sure that you’re prepared to wow the judges? Thanks to University of Western Ontario Ivey School of Business grad Brian Holland, there’s an app for that.

In September 2010, Holland launched finance, brainteaser and student interview guides designed to help users land their dream jobs.

“I really wish I had a resource like [these apps] when I was looking for jobs. To me, it’s a fun way to give back.” —Brian Holland, Associate, Macquarie Group

Now, Holland’s app has been ranked as the top finance interview application for both Android and Apple products.

“I really wish I had a resource like [these apps] when I was looking for jobs,” says Holland. “To me, it’s a fun way to give back.”

Each app consists of real-life interview questions, sample brainteasers, tricks of the trade, and helpful links and resources targeted for specific job seekers. For instance, the student interview guide includes 55 interview questions, job listings, and tips for resumes and cover letters specifically designed to help high school and college students land their dream jobs, according to the description on the App Store.

Holland used his experience in investment banking and private equity to tailor the other two apps for those dreaming of jobs in finance.

Interviews for jobs in finance require a lot of technical questions, Holland says, and therefore a considerable amount of preparation. During his own job search, Holland wrote down the questions he was asked in order to study from them later. After graduating from Ivey in 2007 and working in the field for 3 years, Holland says he amassed enough brainteasers, common questions and real-life experience to help others prepare for the interview process.

Brainteaser Interview GuideAt this point in his career, Holland has been on both the interviewee and interviewer side of job hunting. He estimates that he has been on over 70 interviews in addition to those he has conducted – experience that he directly applied to his apps.

“I thought, why not make an app out of this?” he says, adding that he considered it a fun side project to his full-time job as an Associate in Investment and Merchant Banking with Macquarie Group, a global Australian bank.

The finance app alone has been downloaded more than 1,500 times, says Holland. Response to the brainteaser and student guides have been comparably slow, which the new app developer says is due to competitors who offer similar products for free. Contrastingly, the finance app fills a smaller niche market where some competitors can cost up to $9.99, making his $4.99 price tag fairly affordable. The Ultimate Finance Interview Guide was also recognized by The Wall Street Journal last September as a worthwhile tool for students preparing to apply to this field.

And users seem to agree, according to online comments.

“This app helped me land a job at Goldman Sachs,” says online commenter “Robbie” on the Android Market listing. “Know [how] to answer all these questions and you can get any job.”

Since launching his products, Holland says he continues to update the Ultimate Career Guides series of apps, increasing the number of questions and incorporating user suggestions.

The Ultimate Career Guides’ finance, brainteaser, and student interview guides are available for purchase on the Android Market and Apple App Store.

Photo credit: iPhone 4s by MattsMacintosh on Flickr
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