The Tech Industry’s Most In-Demand Skills And Jobs


2012 has only recently arrived and with it came a slew of job opportunities in the technology field. While the Canadian national unemployment rate stands at 7.5%, many technology positions remain in high demand.

According to Statistics Canada’s December 2011 report, the unemployment rate for technology positions sits at a mere 3.1% – less than half the national average! For new graduates coming out of school in this field, there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you.

The tech industry’s most in-demand jobs

The most in-demand tech jobs include Network Engineers, Support Professionals, Mobile Application Developers and Web Developers.

The tech industry’s most in-demand skills

While there is a lot of focus on technical skills in this industry, employers are also seeking people with drive who can identify with and become part of their corporate culture. You should be skilled in Microsoft programs, Windows 7 and have strong support skills. Employers are also looking for well-rounded applicants who have more than one area of expertise.

According to a Robert Half Technology survey of more than 1,800 CIOs in the U.S. and Canada, the top 10 most in-demand technical skills are:

  1. Network administration
  2. Database management
  3. Desktop support
  4. Windows administration
  5. Wireless network management
  6. Web development/website design
  7. Telecommunications support
  8. Virtualization
  9. Business intelligence
  10. ERP implementation

How to get noticed by tech employers

Tips from Robert Half Technology Career Expert Dave Keir:

Stay positive: Plain and simply, it is always tough to go through the application and hiring process, so new job seekers should remain positive and optimistic, especially during job interviews. Employers are attracted to positive thinkers.

Be assertive in your job search: Never stop networking! Utilize online resources like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and find ways to network in person as well. People forget to do this all the time and rely solely on the Internet, but personally reaching out to employers has a timeless effect.

Stay up to date on the latest technology: Consider continuing education courses, online learning, etc. There are also so many free, online tools to keep your skills current. Doing this shows an employer that you are not only resourceful, but that you are eager and ready to work.

Polish your soft skills: Employers want someone with great communication skills who is able to work well with anyone. Always check your ego at the door, and be willing and able to collaborate with others on the team. Job seekers often get so caught up on solely advertising their technological knowledge that they forget to enhance what they themselves can bring to the position as well!

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