Joining The eReading Revolution: Q&A With A Kobo Recruiter


Do you have what it takes to get hired by a growing international technology company?

We’ve got you covered when it comes to global online eBook retailer Kobo!

Lindsay Watson is a Talent Acquisition Consultant in the Employee Experience department at Kobo in Toronto and she’s on the lookout for great people to join their team.

She says Kobo is a fast-growing company with lots of room for growth – especially for students and new grads who excel in their roles, and have a passion and drive for the work they do. “Kobo is a place where it’s a bit of a blank slate, so it’s a chance for you to really make your mark.”

If you’re thinking about applying for a co-op, internship or entry level job at Kobo, check out Lindsay’s tips, tricks and advice first:

Which roles does Kobo hire students and recent grads for?

Lindsay Watson, Talent Acquisition Consultant, Kobo
Lindsay Watson, Talent Acquisition Consultant, Kobo

Lindsay: Typically we hire for entry level roles in our research and development (R&D), quality assurance (QA), content and merch, and marketing areas. Roles will range in level and responsibility, but typically they will require 1 or 2 years of experience. We hire a lot of co-op students and interns into our R&D and QA areas.

If you’re looking for real work and real experiences, you’ll definitely find both here. Working at Kobo is a chance to be part of the revolution in how people get and share information – and this area of technology is only poised for growth.

Kobo is growing globally as well as locally, so it’s an opportunity to become part of something that is living and breathing, and that directly impacts the end user and customer in a positive way.

What is Kobo’s application and interview process like?

Lindsay: We have an online application process, so you can either visit our career page directly or apply via our various digital media outlets. Visit Kobo’s employer profile on TalentEgg to learn more and apply!

For all of our positions, if an application is deemed a potential fit, then the candidate is phone screened or screened in person to determine general fit with Kobo and our company culture, get an idea of the candidate’s skills and experience, and figure out what their career interests are. The position has to be the right fit for both Kobo and the potential candidate.

After that, if it’s a technical role, there is usual a technical test involved, otherwise there would be a few rounds of interviews with the hiring manager and with other members of the team.

How can a student or new grad prepare for a job interview at Kobo?

Lindsay: They should have a solid understanding of the requirements of the position and how their experience aligns to them, and they should also do some research on the company beyond reading the “about us” section of our website.

It’s always great when a candidate shows they’ve taken the time to learn a bit about the company they want to work for. It shows they’re engaged and go the extra mile.

What really stands out to you during the interview process?

It's not ALL fun and games at Kobo - but sometimes it is
It's not ALL fun and games at Kobo - but sometimes it is

Lindsay: A candidate who fits with our culture – someone who has drive, passion and ambition, and who thrives within the super fast pace that Kobo operates in.

Everyone who works here truly is excited at being part of a revolution in the way people read, share, and get information, and that excitement shows through in their willingness to work faster and more collaboratively than employees at many other companies do.

It’s a fun environment to work in as well, but a love of the work has to come first – if you don’t like what you do, it won’t be a great experience for you or for your employer.

Kobo jobsJoin the eReading Revolution! Kobo is hiring for various positions in many departments. See if there’s a job open for you!

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