Secrets Of Success At Hydro One: Paul, Aboriginal Recruitment Consultant


As an Aboriginal Recruitment Consultant at Hydro One, Paul’s main role is to source qualified First Nations and Métis candidates for roles in areas such as engineering and skilled trades.

He says hiring First Nations and Métis people is a priority for Hydro One because they are interested in creating an increasingly diverse work force that includes 4 main equity groups: women, visible minorities, people with disabilities and Aboriginal people. However, Aboriginal people are currently not as fully represented as the other groups.

Hydro One also has a long history of working in First Nations communities across Ontario because the power lines and forestry units have been working in those communities for decades.

Part of Paul’s job is to meet with people in First Nations communities to create awareness about the careers available at Hydro One, as well as the skill sets and education required to pursue those careers. For example, to encourage high school students to apply to engineering programs, he outlines the grades and high school courses required to get into these university programs.

When applying to job opportunities at Hydro One, Paul says that education and experience are critical. But there are other criteria that can help First Nations and Métis students and recent graduates stand out from the crowd, such as involvement in extra-curricular activities on-campus or activities within the First Nations and Métis communities that the students are from. He also looks for people with excellent social and relationship-building skills.

Paul recommends keeping your applications simple (including your resume – it doesn’t need to be colourful or use 5 different fonts), and relevant to the company and the role you’re applying for. You should always get a second pair of eyes to look over your application before you submit just in case there are any spelling or grammar errors.

His biggest piece of advice is to research Hydro One before you apply to determine if it’s a good fit for you, and to help you stand out during the application and interview process.

Hydro One has co-op, internship, apprenticeship, summer and entry-level opportunities. Visit to apply or, to learn more about about what it’s like to work at Hydro One, visit or


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