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James Davidson is the Senior Manager – Campus Talent Acquisition for PwC and he helps lead the national campus recruitment team at the firm. We recently spoke with him at PwC’s Calgary office to find out what PwC is looking for in the students and graduates who apply.

Overall, PwC is looking for well-rounded individuals who can build relationships with clients and add value to the work that the firm does for their clients.

What stands out to PwC during the recruitment process

James says he’s looking for really robust resumés that include a variety of work experience. You don’t need to have done any “flashy” internships to get a job with PwC, but if you can demonstrate that you’ve worked while you’re in university it shows that you have project management skills and can juggle multiple tasks while completing all of your school assignments at the same time.

Part of that robust experience is being involved on-campus. Joining your school’s business or accounting society is great, but PwC is particularly interested in students who take on leadership roles in those organizations in combination with other extra-curricular activities, such as playing on sports teams or volunteering.

During the interview process, James tends to be impressed by candidates who ask insightful questions at the end of their interview. He says he can tell the level of research someone has done by the questions they ask (hint: asking why he likes to work there isn’t considered insightful). One memorable candidate asked James what PwC was doing about revenue streams as IFRS was wrapping up and that indicated that he understood the firm’s business. That really made him stand out in James’ mind and helped him get the job.

Why students and new grads should choose PwC

James says PwC is the largest of the accounting firms globally and that means plenty of opportunities for international travel. PwC has also been named the fastest-growing accounting firm in Canada for the last four years.

Another key differentiator is the training and development PwC offers. They’re not just looking to develop technical experts, they want to develop the whole person and that includes technical as well as soft skills training. PwC’s training will turn you into a really sound business professional. Plus, PwC is a hierarchical firm, so there’s a distinct career ladder for you to climb.

At PwC, you’ll find exciting careers that offer limitless opportunities for growth. Join PwC for the opportunity of a lifetime.

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