Behind The Scenes With 3 Kraft Interns


TalentEgg visited Kraft’s Canadian corporate headquarters in Toronto to interview three students who completed internships with Kraft during the summer of 2011:

Laura Davis, a second-year MBA student at York University’s Schulich School of Business, was a Marketing Intern. Albert Zou, a fourth-year Finance student also at Schulich, was a Finance Intern. And, last but not least, Meher Zaidi is an international student from Dubai studying Industrial Relations and Human Resources at the University of Toronto. She was an HR Intern.

They must have done some fantastic work during their internships because all three are returning to Kraft later this year to start entry-level jobs. How egg-citing!

What is it like to be an intern at Kraft?

Laura says she absolutely loved it – as a Marketing Intern, she worked on a new brand to increase household penetration and consumer awareness. She felt that she was really integrated into the team and Kraft actually took her work seriously: one of the projects she worked on went right up the corporate ladder and was presented to the president!

Albert had the opportunity to work on some pretty serious finance, including tax implications, preparation of financial statements and internal audit. He found that, although Kraft is often thought of as a marketing-driven firm with a focus on building brands in the food market, the quality of his internship in finance was just as great as interns in other areas, such as marketing or sales.

Meanwhile, Meher developed her technical skills in HR while creating a new hire on-boarding site. Maybe you’ll get to use it if Kraft hires you this year?

The interns’ favourite aspect: Working with other interns!

Meher, Albert and Laura say they loved working with each other and the more than 30 other passionate, talented interns from across Canada.

One of their favourite intern projects was organizing a community day on Toronto Island with the YMCA. They put together a summer camp for children, co-ordinating everything from the signs to the activities.

They also love the food – a lot

Everyone who works at Kraft is passionate about food. During our visit, we noticed that food was a huge part of the company’s culture: they even have a store that sells only Kraft products and “offices” that are actually test kitchens where chefs make food!

The interns’ favourite foods? Albert hasn’t stopped loving JELL-O since he was a kid and Laura is obsessed with Philadelphia Dill Cream Cheese and Kraft All Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter.

If you’re a foodie like these three, you’ll fit right in!

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